UNICOM Engineering’s Virtual OEM program enables ISVs to offer predictable performance in a plug and play solution while still benefiting from the high margins that a software only model would provide.



Many ISVs value the reliability and performance of a purpose-built appliance but not the lower profit margin that the total solution brings. UNICOM Engineering’s Virtual OEM program enables ISVs to offer predicatable performance in a plug and play solution while still benefiting from the high margins that a software only model would provide. This low touch model separates the purchase into two components, the software and the hardware.

Why Deliver your Solution as an Appliance?

As your solution is prepared for full-scale production, our system integration services manage the workflow processes and tasks needed to ensure that systems are completed on time and error free. By recording the system’s exact design and manufacturing requirements into our product lifecycle management system, we lock down the critical elements of your solution. This includes the hardware configuration, firmware, image and BIOS—all to ensure repeatability and consistency.

  • Faster time to market – With an appliance as the delivery vehicle, developers only need to produce code that works with a set hardware platform, a single operating system, a specific set of supporting applications and a single selection of middleware for the management interface. Less time can be spent working though dependencies and interoperability issues, as well as testing and verification, and more time on building new revenue generating features.

  • Improved application performance – Software engineers, working with the single set of accompanying technologies can write and tune their applications for maximum performance with those particular elements. Instead of “dumbing down” their applications to work with the broad range of possible components, developers can focus on squeezing the greatest amount of performance possible out of the defined and controlled set of technologies.

  • Lower support costs – Having a known and controlled set of technologies can dramatically reduce ISVs’ support costs. Support teams can focus on the short list of technologies specified in their appliance, which enables them to identify and solve technical problems faster and with fewer resources, dramatically reducing support costs.

  • Increased customer satisfaction – Purpose-built appliances deliver better performance which leads to higher customer satisfaction. Happy customers are more likely to continue to buy and to talk about their positive experiences.

  • Freedom to Focus on Core Mission – The appliance model brings clarity, focus and simplicity to many of an ISV’s operational areas. Through the reduction or elimination of staff involvement in extraneous efforts, the ISV’s team can focus more fully on strategic initiatives and business objectives.


Why consider the Virtual OEM Program?

Deploying on a purpose-built appliance delivered via the Virtual OEM program allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of the appliance while maintaining higher profit margins and minimized liability. It minimizes the capital expenditures of traditional OEM deployment models focusing resources on innovating your application and capturing market share. You can still deploy on tested and validated hardware from industry leading technology providers while enjoying faster time to market, lower support costs, increased customer satisfaction and limited liability.


Flexibility is in the Details

UNICOM Engineering would begin by providing design and engineering services to scope a portfolio of appliance servers solutions that maximize performance and cost goals at every level. Our broad technology partner network with companies like Dell EMC and Intel enables us to design best-in-class solutions. If these do not meet your exact requirements, we can pull from our broad range of reference platforms designed as a result of our 20 plus years’ of experience as an Original Design Manufacturer to meet gaps in the market. This combination allows you the flexibility to offer multiple solutions to your VARs and end customers. Once defined, these certified and tested solutions would be made available to you, your VARs and end users to order directly.

Your team controls the relationship with the customer and handles the software transaction directly while referring them to UNICOM Engineering for the hardware component. We would then deliver a fully integrated solution to your VAR or end customer, while you would provide the license to activate the solution. This allows you better control over the software revenue recognition, especially at the end of a quarter when you are trying to hit revenue goals.

The other option is that your customer purchases their solution in one transaction from UNICOM Engineering on your behalf. The license fee is then provided back to you from UNICOM Engineering upon receipt of payment. We would handle the supply chain, inventory, logistics and even extend credit to your VARs and end customers.


Support is a key component of the total solution. In many cases, the ISV would take the first call to determine if the issue is software or hardware related. They would then engage UNICOM Engineering for any hardware related issues. UNICOM Engineering offers a variety of support programs and a global footprint with Forward Stocking Locations around the globe for quick problem resolution and minimal downtime. Optional programs like Advance Server Replacement and on-site support provide the ultimate investment protection. VARs looking for an additional revenue stream can bundle and resell our support programs.


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