Accelerating Your Time to Market on Dell OEM Platforms with UNICOM Engineering

Jan 08, 2016


You have finished your software development, chosen Dell OEM as your hardware platform, and are now trying to bring your product to market. This moment can feel like you have emerged victorious from a battle only to stumble into another one that is larger and more gruesome. The challenges you face with software application deployment include distribution, systems integration, and long-term support along with many others. Grappling with these challenges can mean almost as much effort is spent on bringing a product to market as it was developing the product in the first place. It can be maddening.

Regain your sanity, increase your efficiency, drive better revenues, and make your customers happier at the same time using Dell-based solutions from UNICOM Engineering. We take the familiar hardware that is installed in hundreds of thousands of companies’ server rooms throughout the world and add your software application along with the integration and support systems it needs to make the end-user experience phenomenal. Your firm saves money, streamlines its operations, and maximizes its ability to respond to emerging market demands in a rapidly-evolving IT landscape.

Put simply: with UNICOM Engineering and Dell OEM-based products, your business’s great ideas become even better.

UNICOM Engineering and Dell: The Perfect Partnership

In just a few short years, Dell Computers became a household name. Their innovative approach to providing consumer-focused computing systems in an affordable package that is also scaled to the needs of the user helped bring millions of new computer desktops and laptops to homes everywhere.

Behind the scenes, Dell was revolutionizing business in the same way. By providing affordable, scalable systems that utilized the latest standards, businesses were presented with a logical solution to their computing and networking needs.

These same advantages can be utilized by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) looking to bring their software application products to market. By standardizing on the trusted, familiar Dell name and partnering with global service leader UNICOM Engineering, an ISV can package their software product in a user-friendly, rapidly-deployable format. Installing your system can be as simple as placing the custom-built appliance on the rack and giving it the addresses it needs to start working.

Your customers get to skip the typically arduous installation process while enhancing your ability to deliver long-term support, keeping both you and your clients happier in the long run.

UNICOM Provides the Expertise, Attention, and Support You Need to Succeed

At UNICOM, we recognize that we are not the only firm out there who can aid you with the deployment of your appliance-based software applications. What makes us different is our attention to detail and the close relationships we form with our clients and partners. Our Dell OEM Premier Partner status ensures we are up to date on the latest roadmaps, are highly trained on new technology, and have close relationships with engineering staff should we need to collaborate on a custom request. At the same time, we work hard to discover your needs along with the unique value your brand offers. By analyzing the way you do business, we aim to enhance the positive qualities you and your products bring to the table while minimizing obstacles. Through this consultation, our knowledge, experience, and expertise helps guide your deployment decisions. With our help, you avoid the revenue-swallowing setbacks that many ISVs face post-go-live.

Design, engineering, integration, branding, logistics, trade compliance, application management, support services, and more can all be added or enhanced through a partnership with us. We add value to your products in remarkable ways that not only enhance the end-user experience but make your company more agile and ready to scale. We offer unique conveniences like end of quarter finished goods fulfillment, same-day provisioning by order, and hardware integration and testing with third-party components. These capabilities and our global footprint put us in league with the big industry players, but our mid-range size and client-focused structure make us more adaptive to your needs and the constantly-changing market demands.

Experience the best of both worlds: the amazing appeal of Dell and the joy of a more efficient and profitable product deployment with UNICOM Engineering at your side. You can learn more about how to deploy Dell based solutions faster with UNICOM Engineering by visiting the Dell Solutions page, or if you are building a security solution visit our Security Solutions page.

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