Streamlining Application Deployment with OEM Services and Servers

In a highly demanding and competitive marketplace, launching innovative solutions quickly is the key to success. But, getting your solution to market requires the skillful manipulation of time, money and resources to produce the most competitive solution, as quickly as possible while maximizing revenue. Often times the best way to streamline application deployment is to leverage the products, expertise and OEM services of a trusted OEM server partner.

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OEM Services that Enable Streamlined Application Deployment

UNICOM Engineering’s flexible engagement model enables you to select from a comprehensive set of services designed to augment your technology and deployment teams.
Learn about our comprehensive suite of services from which to choose from.


Solution Design

Accelerate time-to-market by leveraging the industry’s largest selection of purpose-built platforms and appliances

  • system design
  • custom designs
  • lifecycle management
  • compliance services
  • branding
  • Reduces development, test, and validation time and expenses
  • Eliminates cost associated with managing technology changes

System Integration

Streamline build cycles and accelerate time-to-market with scalable and controlled manufacturing, assembly and test services.

  • global manufacturing
  • track integration
  • control systems
  • revision controls
  • Automates control of all manufacturing processes
  • Assures the highest quality and predictability
  • Reduces investment risk and inventory carrying costs

Business Analytics

Improve repeatability and reduce vulnerabilities of your
solution with image creation and securing the OS services

  • securing the OS
  • image creation
  • PLM customer experience
  • Optimizes OS and Customer Application Integration
  • Increases resistance to security vulnerabilities & consistent product builds
  • Business analytics tools provide
    the visibility required to better
    manage your solution

Logistics & Compliance

Streamline worldwide fulfillment with inventory management and direct shipments to customers

  • global shipping
  • trade compliance
  • RMA & eval pool
  • reverse logistics
  • FSLs
  • Gives greater in-territory control over order fulfillment
  • Manages finished goods for faster delivery
  • Streamlines deliveries directly to end customers

Global Support

Maximizes availability and your investment with comprehensive worldwide support services

  • basic warranty
  • advance parts/server replacement
  • on-site response
  • Provides comprehensive support
    for global installations
  • Maximizes field uptime and reduces
    No Fault Found
  • Quick response and resolution with
    4-hour response plans

Why Work with UNICOM Engineering?

  • Broad technical expertise
  • Direct technology partner relationships
  • Extensive vertical market experience
  • Responsive engagement model
  • Global network of support depots
  • Product lifecycle management services
  • Flexible inventory & order management systems
  • Comprehensive support & warranty programs
  • Global manufacturing sites backed by automated quality & control systems

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