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Data is the most valuable resource in today's digital economy. Data is being generated in every interaction across a wide variety of industries. Organizations that successfully leverage the data insights will thrive and gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, OEMs that design storage into their solution create new revenue streams and value for themselves and their customers.

Storage provides your solution the scale it needs to keep up with the growth of data and the need to uncover valuable insights. Empower your solution to maximize its data capital with the latest and most competitive storage solutions available. Dell EMC has you covered with block-centric, unified block, and file, or unstructured workloads from small scale to 100s of petabytes. With decades of industry expertise, Dell EMC storage solutions provide the extended life and stability your OEM solution requires.

Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series Block Storage

PowerVault ME4 offers enterprise-class features in an affordable entry level SAN/DAS storage array. Designed to consolidate block storage, support the demands of data intensive applications, take advantage of intelligent data management, or optimize virtual environments. The ME4 Series supports multiple protocols, a wide range of mixed drive types, scales to 4PB raw, and is highly aligned with Dell PowerEdge Servers.

Dell EMC Unity XT All-Flash Unified Storage

Dell EMC Unity all-flash, hybrid, or a virtual storage appliance (VSA) brings high performance and low latency to a broad range of SAN and NAS use cases. These unified storage systems provide both block and file access from the same storage array. The modern architecture is designed for flash, rich data services, simplicity, and affordability — starting in a 2U footprint.

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