Being Connected for Growth Matters in Today’s Technology Driven World

Apr 12, 2019

UNICOM Engineering Partnership

Partnership, modernization, digital transformation, connections. These terms are almost mantras as companies figure out how to navigate this new era of business. Change is happening at an ever-increasing rate and along with the amplification of customer expectations has become the new norm. The explosion of data and the drive to collect, analyze, and provide insights has morphed every business today into a technology business. Although we can’t be everything to everyone, we can be aware of the changes and gear up to broaden our perspective as well as our relationships to fill gaps and grasp opportunities within our sites.

Insight from Intel Partner Connect

UNICOM Engineering recently attended Intel’s annual Partner Connect event in Aurora, Colorado. The theme of the event was “Connected for Growth” and those words held true to their growth strategy for 2019 and beyond. As Intel continues down a journey of transformation from a PC company to a data centric company, they realize that it is this transformation that will fuel their growth ambitions. They support this vision with a strong investment in technology and commitment to bring products and technology to enable partner and customer growth.

The Proof is in the Data

Similar themes emerged from a recent study conducted by Futurum Research on behalf of Intel and Dell EMC. The study focused on the importance of OEM partnership as an impetus to drive business value. Ethan Hunt, Vice President Global OEM and IoT Marketing, Dell EMC summarized the results in his blog post entitled Customers Say OEM Partnerships are Driving Huge Value in the Digital Economy. As a Dell EMC OEM Titanium partner, we couldn’t agree more.

Several trends were driving this truth. As we have already established, technology is developing at an unheard-of speed. Consumers are searching for the right services to reach goals in a climate of intense global competition. Technology is pervasive across all industries and ‘As-A-Service’ models are on the rise. With a truly connected global economy, companies are no longer forced to search for solutions within their locale; they seek low cost, high yield partnerships with other businesses around the world.

The results were straight forwards; they found that the use of OEM and third-party products to augment their solutions are driving innovation, shortening time to market, and driving overall business value.

Reduced Barriers to Innovation

Strategic OEM partnerships are an increasingly important part of bridging the technology gap. By providing access to technology like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the industrial internet of things (IIoT), businesses can focus on their core competency while creating opportunities to innovate without a resource drain. It is hard to argue that innovation creates differentiation in the minds of customers and provides an unmistakable competitive advantage.

It is also easy to imagine that technology giants like Intel and Dell EMC can offer the innovative products your business needs to spur this differentiation. Maybe more importantly is to wonder, how they can help your overall business transformation. Being able to fill gaps quickly can shorten time to market, and time may be your most critical factor to success.

Faster to Market

It is true that OEM partnerships minimize development costs, and, most critically, reduces the time required to build something from scratch. That time and those resources can be better spent on getting the product in front of customers before another competitor has the opportunity. In a highly competitive market, these time savings can make the difference between a company's survival or extinction. In fact, companies have reported over a 50% reduction in time spent on development through carefully thought out partnerships.

The Value of Quality and Brand Protection

UNICOM Engineering is a value added system integration partner to solution providers globally. We have forged relationships with the best companies in the industry to ensure the technology we recommend and build into your solutions is rooted in quality, reducing support costs and improving end customer satisfaction. That commitment to quality also runs through every function in our organization from engineering through manufacturing controls and processes to ensure that quality and accuracy are consistent across every product we build. That commitment is also demonstrated in our compliance to ISO 9001, TL 9000, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001 standards that certify quality workmanship and efficient business operations. All of these efforts are designed to instill confidence in us as a partner that is committed to protect your brand as we function as a seamless extension of your team.

Moving Forward with an UNICOM Engineering

Decreasing the burden, costs, and risk of bring your product to market can enable you to reach your customers faster, while being backed by a partner with strict quality control systems to guarantee consistency with every solution that leaves the dock. Streamlining that process with strategic and experienced OEM partners like UNICOM Engineering allows you the best use of resources while maintaining your core competency. And, we offer flexible and nimble engagement models that adjusts as your business does. Check out the UNICOM Engineering capabilities video or our website to learn more. If you are ready to start the conversation of how we can increase your solution’s success, contact us today.

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