5 Ways UNICOM Engineering's Expanded OEM Support in India Can Help Empower Growth

Sep 14, 2021

Global OEM Support India

With a massive yet-growing economy, India presents a tremendous growth opportunity for solution providers large and small. However, expansion into the country requires a level of support that not all hardware partners can provide. With its 15-year history in the nation, UNICOM Engineering continues its OEM support in India and expands its services to offer even more within the region.

Below, we'll look at UNICOM Engineering's latest service and support offerings and how they can empower your solution's expansion or continued growth into India.

End-to-End Support within India

UNICOM Engineering extends its full suite of support options to customer installations in India. Our newest partnerships within India enable certified field techs and engineers to go onsite to the end-customer for service work completed promptly. Additionally, the field expert has the flexibility to perform a component-level repair or a full system swap depending upon the issue. This latest addition to the company's support services in India has reduced the length of time it takes to fully support and bring customers back online, allowing UNICOM Engineering to provide a best-in-class support model in region.

Whether it's basic warranty support, advanced support, or onsite response, UNICOM Engineering has service options to meet your needs. Depending on the offering chosen, this can include four-hour same-day or next business day onsite service.

Therefore, throughout India, your customer can now benefit from having the best local technicians supporting your servers, storage, and other hardware hands-on. As a result, your customers get to enjoy the benefits of your application with minimal interruption, and your team gets to focus on developing ever-better applications.

With UNICOM Engineering's latest support offering, your solution is better enabled to grow. That's because improved hardware support empowers your value proposition to your customers.

Ongoing Global Services and Support

Superior Installation Services

Your installations in India can also enjoy the same white-glove installation services that domestic locations enjoy. For example, thanks to UNICOM Engineering's rack and stack installation, onsite technicians can have all the necessary hardware accessories onsite and at their disposal and coordinate end-user data center personnel. Customers have taken advantage of the installation capabilities to avoid sending their valuable resources onsite, which has been especially helpful during the pandemic.

As a result, your solution can deploy and run efficiently and on time, thereby shortening its time to revenue. These benefits mean you'll be able to focus on what you do best - innovating to meet your customer's software needs.

The Quality and Assurance of an Intel Premier Partner

UNICOM Engineering is among the few selected to provide their Premier Onsite support. That means we are certified by Intel to provide complete onsite maintenance for Intel-branded servers.

This premium quality support offers multiple benefits. Namely, your installations will receive fast onsite responses from trained Intel Technology Experts, adherence to the highest safety standard, and world-class customer service.

Additionally, thanks to our strong partnership with Intel, UNICOM Engineering's experts are armed with the knowledge of their current technology and what's in development. As a result, software and solution providers can rest assured that they can plan for and leverage the latest hardware innovations for years to come.

Trade Compliance and Logistics

To support our service offerings, UNICOM Engineering offers both trade and logistics expertise and services to ensure on-time delivery of the right technology at the right time. These added offerings include intimate knowledge of all Indian trade and compliance regulations and forward-stocking locations to ready parts and supplies.

Therefore, in place of delivery concerns, you and your staff can focus on creating even better solutions. And just as important, your customers will enjoy the best possible uptime.

Little to No Upfront Investment

And the best news of all is that UNICOM Engineering's increased level of OEM support in India won't require much, if any, upfront investment. That's because you won't need to coordinate with multiple vendors or use your staff's time to manage hardware installations or troubleshooting.

Instead, your team and your customer will enjoy all of the above benefits from one vendor focused on your deployment's success. Essentially, your hardware expenditures are utilized to enable uptime and growth of your solution better.

Leverage UNICOM Engineering to Empower Your Growth in India

Thanks to UNICOM Engineering's expanded OEM support capabilities in India, you can confidently offer services for your solution to companies and multinationals with locations in India. After all, there's no need to worry about supporting your deployments in India when a comprehensive hardware and service provider has you covered.

Now, all that's left for you is to take advantage of expanded access to a market that is fertile ground for your solution. With superior hardware support, it may no longer be a question of how you'll grow in the Indian market but when.

At UNICOM Engineering, we have been driving seamless, worldwide deployments of our customer solutions for decades. As an extension of your team, we can assist with design, integration, regulatory, delivery, installation, and more. From industry expertise and quality to our OEM partnerships and ongoing support, UNICOM Engineering offers the breadth of services to support you today and into the future. Contact us for more information by visiting our website and scheduling a consultation.