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UNICOM Engineering:
A Value-Added Systems Integrator


UNICOM Engineering develops and sells innovative appliances that leverage industry expertise and technical excellence.

Our heritage of providing appliance technology, products, and services tailored to the entire life cycle of our customers’ applications has made UNICOM Engineering the trusted systems integration partner of choice for software market leaders.

UNICOM Engineering is led by a seasoned management team of proven industry executives. If you are interested in working for UNICOM Engineering, please review the currently available career opportunities. Visit our contact us page for more information on how to reach UNICOM Engineering.


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Our Vision & Mission Statements

To provide technology solutions that enable innovators to drive digital transformation and exceptional experiences

Enabling global technology companies to deliver innovation while providing superior brand protection

Core Values
integrity, partnership, flexibility, innovation, flawless execution

About UNICOM Engineering, a subsidiary of UNICOM Global

UNICOM Engineering is a leading provider of purpose-built application platforms, appliances, and life cycle deployment services for software developers and OEMs serving storage, security and communications, video, and healthcare IT markets worldwide.

We are best known for our solution design technologies, integration expertise, and our unique deployment capabilities. All of our turnkey platforms and appliances are designed for longevity and backed by life cycle management services. We create products and business solutions that solve deployment challenges, accelerate time to market, reduce ownership costs, and increase business efficiencies.

Our Legacy of Success

UNICOM Engineering offers everything software developers need to deploy their application as a complete platform solution. Over a decade of appliance innovation and strong technology partnerships have made UNICOM Engineering one of the most trusted software deployment partners in the industry.

    • Founded in 1997
    • ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and TL 9000
    • Expertise in storage, security, video, enterprise, and carrier communications
    • The largest portfolio of purpose-built turnkey platforms
    • Primary manufacturing facilities are located in Canton, Massachusetts; Plano, Texas; and Galway, Ireland 
Unmatched Lifecycle Management Services

UNICOM Engineering provides comprehensive life cycle management services – everything software developers and service providers need to design, deploy, and maintain their applications as an enterprise-ready platform. No other vendor has our complete set of capabilities: collectively designed to maximize investments, accelerate time to market, solve deployment and integration problems, and increase business efficiencies.

    • Ensures high availability
    • Accelerates deployments and time-to-value
    • Reduces total life cycle costs
    • Creates new revenue streams
Quality You Can Count On

UNICOM Engineering’s commitment to quality workmanship and efficient business operations are governed by our compliance with ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and TL 9000 standards. This assures that customers receive high-reliability products and services that meet or exceed industry standards. By partnering with us, UNICOM Engineering customers can experience rapidly deployed, application-ready solutions with greater integrity and reliability. Our high availability solutions are designed to maximize the buyer’s return on investments and reduce maintenance, service, and support costs.

Technical Expertise

Customers value UNICOM Engineering most for our hardware, software, and integration engineering expertise. We take great pride in providing the world-class technologies needed to build and sustain a competitive advantage. We offer the industry’s broadest range of engineering assist programs aimed to create a superior delivery vehicle for applications of all sizes. Our best-in-class solutions are proven to ease deployment cycles and enhance the lifelong manageability and reliability of mission-critical applications.

Customer-Proven Success

UNICOM Engineering’s customers are market leaders that take full advantage of our engineering and manufacturing expertise. They bundle our application management services, integration controls, global logistics, and technical support to deploy applications as plug-and-play platforms and appliances.

What do our customers all have in common? They leverage our ability to reduce network integration complexities, ease deployment scenarios, trim maintenance costs, and better manage the complete life cycle solution.

Innovation Focus

UNICOM Engineering’s customers benefit most by not having to deal with deployment strategies, interoperability issues, compliance challenges, maintenance programming, support services, and a host of other non-core business concerns. UNICOM Engineering’s holistic approach to solution design and delivering value-add services allows customers to focus on innovating their application – not its form factor, delivery methods, OS vulnerabilities, and support. UNICOM Engineering helps customers develop, lockdown, and brand a secure, predictable, and highly automated hardware solution.

Program Management

At UNICOM Engineering, we believe that customer engagement is paramount to mutual success. Our singular goal is to make customers successful. As a means to that end, UNICOM Engineering provides professional program management staff and workflow services that manage daily interactions. Our dedicated program managers and assist teams are tasked with working closely with customers to communicate their needs and be their conduit to UNICOM Engineering support staff during the entire go-to-market sequence.

Solution Design

Employing a holistic approach to solution design, system development, and application deployment, UNICOM Engineering uses advanced server technologies to create purpose-built turnkey and custom solutions that meet application-specific requirements. We specialize in designing standard 32- and 64-bit server technologies on Linux or Windows OS, multi-core and multi-processing environments, Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) systems, as well as NEBS certified and high-reliability platforms for an array of mission-critical applications. Our design engineering service can lock down the operating system (OS) for greater application integrity, improved overall performance, and superior end-user experience.

We foster best-of-breed technology partnerships and drive forward-looking roadmaps to match next-generation designs, applications, and ecosystem needs. Throughout this process, we design for greater availability, predictability, and repeatability – attributes aimed at reducing overall support and maintenance costs.

System Integration

UNICOM Engineering diligently works to ensure that all products are properly designed, configured, and tested to meet exact customer specifications. Our on-staff quality assurance engineers use interconnected manufacturing control systems and analytical processes to review the accuracy and completeness of each assembly. These integration controls and workflow processes ensure that quality and accuracy are built into every product we build.

Logistics and Compliance

UNICOM Engineering offers a variety of Logistics and Trade Compliance Services designed to ease inventory management and logistics while ensuring shipments get to where they need to be in a global marketplace. We can stock and ship finished goods products anywhere in the world, suggest the most cost-effective delivery method, drop-ship to end customers, and provide visibility throughout the process. International shipping and compliance experts track policies and regulations to ensure the safe and timely delivery of cross-border shipments. And, to ensure you get every dollar of revenue possible at the end of each quarter we offer extended hours and last-minute shipping. All with the ultimate goal of getting your products to their final destination without delay, wherever that destination is around the globe.

Global Support

UNICOM Engineering offers its customers a variety of maintenance, support, and service programs to extend lifecycles and maximize uptime. These programs help ensure high availability, rapid response, effective troubleshooting, fast parts replacement, and 24-hour support. Recognizing that customers often have unique support and service needs, UNICOM Engineering also offers custom-tailored maintenance and warranty programs. Tell us what your specific needs are and we will design a suitable, cost-effective program for you.

Business Analytics

UNICOM Engineering purposely captures critical data points throughout the build and deployment process to better manage solutions. This data is delivered via our easy-to-use dashboards providing the business analytics required to make informed decisions reducing your risk and increasing end-user satisfaction. UNICOM Engineering takes a holistic approach to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enabling you to strategically manage each phase of your solution from design and production to end of life and transition plans. As products begin to ship the customer web portal provides visibility to inventory, orders, shipments, and forecasts in real-time. While our Customer Experience Reporting services aggregates the performance data into an easy-to-use dashboard providing early indicators of product issues in the field.


UNICOM Engineering is led by a seasoned management team of proven industry executives:

    • Rusty Cone, General Manager
    • Austin Hipes, Chief Technologist, VP of Engineering
    • Jeff Hudgins, VP Global Services
    • Kevin Murphy, VP Global Sales
    • Lisa Ryan, VP of Marketing
    • Robert Sheriff, VP Business Operations
    • Larry Yelsey, VP Finance
    • John Ryan, VP Global Manufacturing Operations
    • Brent Colombo, VP Information Technology Infrastructure
    • William Thomas, VP Information Technology Applications
Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters
25 Dan Road
Canton, Massachusetts 02021
Phone: +1 (781) 332-1000
Fax: +1 (781) 770-2000