Everyone is Connected — The New Age of Telecommunication Equipment Solutions

Our devices have become an extension of our daily lives as we are obsessed with sharing and consuming every moment as it happens. Data streaming has exploded with massive amounts of information being shared at the touch of a finger. Communications today is defined in texts, videos, posts, tweets, blogs, calls, etc and the lines between our home and work lives have blurred as our activities converge on our devices. This continuous and compounding demand for more has created huge opportunity and complexity for both the carrier and enterprise markets. We’ve seen major consolidation amongst the big players and many successful adjunct service companies succeed by digitizing and monetizing. They’ve redefined their relationships with their customers by finding new delivery mechanisms and understanding non-traditional methods to capture their attention, drive usage, secure their data and capture revenue.

80% of the Top Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers Deploy with UNICOM Engineering

UNICOM Engineering has played a key role deploying communications solutions for decades in carrier and enterprise environments. From our early days in computer telephony and ATCA to frames of rackmount servers. With every change we have gained knowledge and experience to know what it takes to get your communications solution to market. This may mean navigating the strict demands of tier one carriers deploying to telcordia standards, understanding the need for NEBS and DC powered systems to fit traditional telco infrastructure, designing and integrating frame solutions, leveraging specialized cards for DSP and packet processing, obtaining certification to industry and regulatory standards, or supporting mission critical solutions on a global scale. Ultimately, our goal is to design communications solutions that maximize performance while managing cost in any of these environments with secure, reliable solutions that deliver the ultimate end user experience. Extensive partnerships with leaders like Intel, Dell, Kontron and HP gives us access to building blocks and roadmaps while offering you greater flexibility and unmatched deployment options not available anywhere else. That’s the UNICOM Engineering difference.

Services That Deliver a Competitive Advantage

Select from a comprehensive set of services designed to augment your technology and deployment teams. Benefits of our comprehensive lifecycle management approach:

  • Allows you to focus on your core competencies
  • Speeds up time-to-value
  • Reduces total lifecycle costs
  • Simplifies supply chain
  • Drives new revenue streams to your business
  • Ensures longer uptimes of your application
  • Increases end user satisfaction

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 Communications Solutions to Provide Competitive Advantage


NEBS, DC and Enterprise Communications Platforms

Through our partnerships with industry leading technology providers like Intel, Dell, Kontron and HP we are able to design best-in-class solutions ready to deploy in any communications environment. Whether your solutions require small footprint carrier-grade rackmount, NEBS, ATCA, DC power or enterprise communications platforms; UNICOM Engineering has a broad portfolio of reference platforms to meet your needs. These platforms offer a variety of expansion slots and I/O options required for installing high-end telephony boards, high-performance multi-core processors and high-reliability features such as RAID and redundant power. We bring comprehensive technology expertise and proven, best practice methodologies for managing the complete lifecycle of communications platforms driving down the total cost of ownership. Our appliances platforms are ideal for the following types of telecommunications applications:

Communications OEM Platforms 
  • Voice & Data Communications
  • Mobile & Wireless Communications
  • Multi-Media Messaging
  • Conferencing & Collaboration
  • Load Balancer
  • Session Border Controller
  • Voice over LTE
  • IP Multimedia
  • Enterprise Monitoring & Analytics
  • Network Monitoring & Management
  • Data Collection & Warehousing
  • Premium Content & Applications
  • Enterprise IP PBX

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