The Growth in Healthcare IT

The Healthcare industry has undergone significant change in the way that patient information is gathered, stored and retrieved. Healthcare IT solutions have enabled the industry to leverage technology to better manage this data resulting in time and cost savings while increasing the overall quality of care provided. The challenge is staying competitive by delivering reliable, predictable, secure solutions that are simple to manage and maintain. UNICOM Engineering is a trusted deployment partner and systems integrator focused on getting your application into the hands of your customers while freeing up your resources to focus on sales and the next feature set.

Get Your Healthcare IT Solutions to Market Faster

Our systems integration and comprehensive set of services combined with a broad portfolio of long-life Healthcare IT appliance platforms is designed to shorten time-to-market, while improving application performance, lowering support costs and increasing revenue. A team of experienced hardware engineers creates secure, tailored solutions that optimize application performance while managing costs. Built in ISO 13485 certified facilities, our appliances are delivered as a plug and play device—simple for medical providers to install, run and manage. Comprehensive support and maintenance programs are available to maximize uptime and reduce your overall risk. And, configuration control for each BOM and like-for-like replacement parts, ensure your solution maintains performance and regulatory standards even after repairs are completed. With global manufacturing facilities, trade compliance experts and an expansive network of support depots worldwide; we can support your business wherever it takes you.

Services That Deliver a Competitive Advantage

Select from a comprehensive set of services designed to augment your technology and employment teams. Benefits of our comprehensive lifecycle management approach:

  • Allows you to focus on your core competencies
  • Speeds up time-to-value
  • Reduces total lifecycle costs
  • Simplifies supply chain
  • Drives new revenue streams to your business
  • Ensures longer uptimes of your application
  • Increases end user satisfaction

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Healthcare Systems Integration for Communication


Deliver on a Secure, Purpose-Built Appliance

For many healthcare ISVs, the ideal approach to software delivery is the appliance model. Purpose-built appliances are simple for enterprise customers to install, run and manage. They provide the reliable, secure and trouble-free operation that customers expect.

healthcare systems integration platforms 

Our appliances platforms are ideal for the following types of Healthcare IT applications:

  • Medical Imaging
  • Medical Record Management
  • Portable Equipment
  • Medical Practice Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Diagnostics, Patient Monitoring and Therapy
  • Picture Archiving and Communication Systems

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Your application delivers videos and moments and meetings, every second of every day around the globe. Shouldn’t your customers receive the best experience today? The quicker we start to engage the faster this can happen. We’ve provided some baseline information above, but we are much more engaging in person. Let’s discuss the technology and services that will optimize your application and drive performance.

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