Accelerate time-to-market by leveraging the industry’s largest selection of purpose-built platforms and OEM server appliances





OEM Custom Server and Appliance Design Experts

Designing your purpose-built OEM custom server, appliance, or embedded solution is much like working with an architect. Pulling from years of experience designing in different environments, to a variety of standards and regulatory requirements while utilizing industry leading technology from partners like Intel and Dell EMC. They become part of your team; explaining the process, listening to your needs and protecting your interests. UNICOM Engineering embraces this role designing custom server, appliance, and embedded solutions that meet cost and performance goals, optimize your application and keep you competitive.



Accelerate time-to-market by leveraging our OEM custom server, appliance and embedded solution design services and broad selection of purpose-built platforms and appliances



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Server Design

UNICOM Engineering has the largest selection of purpose-built, turnkey servers and appliances in the industry. Our engineers help select the best-fit platform and right-size it for their application, whether it’s a robust enterprise security appliance or a highly integrated carrier grade rackmount server. We specialize in designing standard 32- and 64-bit server technologies on Linux or Windows OS, multi-core and multi-processing environments, Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA), NEBS and high-reliability server designs for an array of mission-critical applications.





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Storage Subsystems

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UNICOM Engineering has the largest selection of purpose-built, turnkey platforms and appliances in the industry.

We foster best-in-class technology partnerships and drive forward-looking roadmaps to match next-generation designs, applications and ecosystem needs. Throughout the design process, we consider all aspects of the solution lifecycle, including branding, component life, energy efficiency, regulatory requirements, drivers, BIOS and OS conflicts. We design for greater availability, predictability and repeatability – attributes aimed at reducing support and maintenance costs. We strive to eliminate unnecessary hardware and operating software and we lock-down these systems to reduce the footprint, improve performance and eliminate vulnerability exposure. When designing frame-level telecom systems, we use COTS hardware to design custom solutions that meet precise carrier class application needs.

Technology Partners

We foster best-in-class partnerships and provide next-generation roadmaps that meet forward-looking design, application and ecosystem needs.

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Custom Server Designs

UNICOM Engineering provides comprehensive server design, engineering and manufacturing services. When a standard server cannot serve as the basis for a solution, we design custom servers to exact specifications. From customer-branded chassis to customized motherboards, I/O ports, cooling systems, expansion capabilities, power conservation and virtualized systems – custom server designs are UNICOM Engineering’s specialty. Our team of engineers has the expertise in CAD design, simulation modeling, software development and virtualization to reduce risk and prevent issues from occurring downstream.

UNICOM Engineering offers specific expertise in high-density server solutions that maximize real-estate, reduce power consumption and overcome thermal constraints. Our green server designs for enterprise and carrier class communications are considered high-density rackmount industry benchmarks. UNICOM Engineering’s approach to custom server design ensures a lower total cost of ownership for you and your end customer.



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Lifecycle Management

UNICOM Engineering's design services assess a customer's total solution to optimize and streamline all aspects of the deployment from solution design to support and maintenance. In addition, with visibility into partner’s roadmaps, we design with long life parts, motherboards and chassis to minimize development costs. When parts become obsolete, forcing a re-design, UNICOM Engineering engineers work to ensure that the highest levels of backward compatibility are designed into the system through regression testing. This approach also ensures customers receive the highest benefit in maintaining control over hard costs that occur in the supply chain and soft costs that occur in developing, deploying and maintaining solutions around the world.


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Custom Server Branding

UNICOM Engineering is committed to delivering a product that distinctly carries your company brand and delivers a positive out-of-the-box experience. We offer a full range of server branding services that include custom branding for our standard bezels, packaging, user manuals, CDs, quick reference guides and more. Our in-house designers can also help create a custom server brand with the perfect look and feel. Customers typically use our branding services to streamline their final assembly and packaging processes.

Partner Branding

UNICOM Engineering offers a full range of standard server branding services that include custom bezel labels to fit our standard bezels, hardware installation guides, CDs and more. Our in-house designers can help create the perfect brand identity for your product. We also offer the option of creating custom branding and packaging options.



Example of standard customized bezel label


Example of a hardware setup guide and CD label


Example of a standard ship carton label (11"x8.5") that is placed on the top of the ship carton along with an optional side label (11"x4")

Custom Technical Documentation and Training

UNICOM Engineering provides customized technical documentation and training to enhance your product offerings. UNICOM Engineering develops custom documentation, e-learning courses, blended technology learning solutions, and classroom instruction models that engage students with learning modules strategically designed utilizing the best of accelerated learning principles and instructional design methodology.


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Compliance Services

UNICOM Engineering designs server solutions to meet stringent compliance and regulatory standards such that our servers easily pass test and qualification requirements. From initial concept to early prototyping, beta testing, quality manufacturing and final certification, UNICOM Engineering’s value-add services can reduce engineering overhead, accelerate time to market and ensure long-term success.

On behalf of customers that require server regulatory compliance, UNICOM Engineering will create all documentation, submit test results and manage the entire certification process. We leverage our specific design expertise in NEBS, UL, FCC, CE, VCCI and CB to minimize non-compliance problems. We also have a successful track record in working with National Recognized Test Labs (NRTL).

Quality Standards

UNICOM Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000 Rev. 5.0 registered design and manufacturing facility. Our customers are assured high quality systems that meet stringent industry and international compliance regulations.

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