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Logistics and Trade Compliance Services

UNICOM Engineering offers a variety of Logistics and Trade Compliance Services designed to ease inventory management and logistics while ensuring shipments get to where they need to be in a global marketplace. We can stock and ship finished goods products anywhere in the world, suggest the most cost-effective delivery method, drop-ship to end customers and provide visibility throughout the process. International shipping and compliance experts track policies and regulations to ensure the safe and timely delivery of cross-border shipments. And, to ensure you get every dollar of revenue possible at the end of each quarter we offer extended hours and last-minute shipping. All with the ultimate goal of getting your products to their final destination without delay, wherever that destination is around the globe.

Customers who take advantage of UNICOM Engineering’s Logistics and Trade Compliance Services are able to streamline the stocking, delivery, repair, and replacement of products sold worldwide. Our international manufacturing, distribution and logistics footprint promises to make shipping, inventory, and channel control more cost-effective and easier to manage on a global scale.



Logistics and Trade Compliances Services streamline worldwide fulfillment of goods in a global market



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Global Shipping

UNICOM Engineering can stock and ship customer products to any destination around the world using standard and overnight freight carriers. Many of our customers specify preferred transport carriers; others allow UNICOM Engineering to choose the best and most cost-effective method. Since we ship in bulk volumes, our cost-per-unit-shipped is typically lower–and we pass those savings along to our customers. We support critical end-of-quarter shipments to meet sales quotes and just-in-time deliveries. We can also perform direct shipments to channel partners, end users and stocking depots to reduce logistics costs, increase business efficiencies and ensure on-time delivery. Tracking and visibility to daily business operations is available via our customer web portal.

UNICOM Engineering customers never need to take inventory of products or make shipments to their end customers. Products can be transported and drop-shipped to end users in a manner that best suits customer requirements. Drop-shipments can save significant freight fees, reduce the costs associated with receiving and inventory turns, improve just-in-time delivery and lower the risk of lost or damaged goods.

UNICOM Engineering offers a comprehensive logistics program to support your worldwide business initiatives. As your business expands, we have the infrastructure and knowledge to support your international needs. We monitor all compliance policies, adhere to customs regulations and manage the paperwork for international transactions. As needed, UNICOM Engineering can also assist in obtaining a certified customs brokers or fiscal representatives to represent your company and oversee the safe and timely delivery of cross-border shipments.

Delivery Management Services

For customers with a volume production schedule, UNICOM Engineering offers management and distribution services that eliminate the need to stock and handle finished goods. We can pre-build stock and store products in secure, insured environments awaiting customer orders.

UNICOM Engineering can maintain finished goods inventory in the Americas and Europe. Our account managers can assist establishing depots and determine appropriate stocking sites to expedite shipments. Local stocking sites can be facilitated if customers require more strategic locations.

UNICOM Engineering's Worldwide Locations
This map shows UNICOM Engineering’s worldwide manufacturing, forward stocking of finished goods and evaluation pool management locations.

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Trade Compliance

The import and export of electronic goods on a global basis requires expert trade compliance and documentation management. Companies using UNICOM Engineering’s Trade Compliance Services are assured that their products are transported and received in accordance with the ever-changing rules and laws established by international trade regulatory agencies. As part of its Global Logistics Services, UNICOM Engineering maintains a formal trade compliance practice, managed by a team of experts dedicated to satisfying the requirements of international trade and customs offices, including the U.S. Departments of Commerce and State, the Office of Foreign Asset Control and other agencies that control international trade.



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