2011 Cloud User Survey – Perception Differences between Adopters and Non-Adopters

Sep 19, 2011

What makes some enterprises adopt cloud computing while others, despite being well informed, decline the opportunity? IaaS providers taut lower cloud computing cost, boast easy scalability, and assure security; but these marketing messages have enticed only 10% of U.S. firms to adopt cloud deployments thus far and another 10% plan to do so within the next 2 years. Are some identifiable cloud computing problems preventing the other 80% of firms from embracing the cloud?

2011-09-19 Adopters.jpgCosts

Surveys indicate cloud costs provide one key difference between adopters and non-adopters. Those adopting a cloud solution accept the premise their costs will be reduced, while those approximately 40% of firms well informed on cloud solutions but not adopting reject the claim their costs will be reduced. From a marketing perspective, this means either more convincing evidence of cost reduction must be provided or another claim concerning the advantages of cloud computing must be made.

Scalability versus aging

One of those other claims most often made is the ease of scalability for cloud deployments. While a valid claim, surveys show this is not a prime concern of data centers. The highest concern of data centers is their aging infrastructure and the need to keep up with new technology.

This suggests a possible new area for marketing IaaS services to entice potential adopters. Rather than stressing cost reductions and scalability, it might be better to demonstrate how cloud deployments can provide state of the art technology and keep equipment on the cutting edge.


Oddly, both adopters and non-adopters consider security a major risk of cloud computing. The significant difference between adopters and non-adopters may be in the willingness of adopters to accept the risk. Non-adopters seem to believe their own data centers are more secure, despite evidence to the contrary. Perhaps this is more an emotional than rational issue, with non-adopters unwilling to relinquish control.


Adopters of cloud computing accept the claims that the cloud costs less and security issues are manageable. Non-adopters believe claims about cloud computing cost and regard security as too high a risk.

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*Source: Frost and Sullivan

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