A Busy Season of Engagement – NAB, ISC West, RSA, and Dell Technologies World

May 02, 2018


Spring brings a myriad of events intended to assemble industry leaders to discuss the most relevant topics affecting each market. It’s an opportunity for all of us to make connections and extend our knowledge. To understand each other’s business and figure out how to leverage our individual strengths and the latest technologies; to not only enable digital transformation but to solve problems and improve each of our lives.

NAB 2018, Where Content Comes Alive

NAB is considered the ultimate event for the media, entertainment, and technology industry. From the initial keynote, we are reminded of the legacy of the industry to use media to broaden our horizons, provide us a glimpse of life beyond our own, inform us, bring us together, and oftentimes to simply entertain us. As technology evolves, our access points increase and our desire to consume only grows stronger. That said, consumers are savvy; trust and security continue to be major themes that can create a competitive advantage for those that can deliver. As you would expect, within the industry our mantra is to embrace technology to ensure long-term growth. The future will bring things like autonomous cars featuring live broadcast television for riders to enjoy. In addition to a future of constant entertainment, the industry as a whole will continue to improve the communication and services that keep us safe and informed.

Takeaways from ISC West 2018

ISC West brought together a record number of attendees and exhibitors to share stories and improvements to the security industry including physical, IT, and IoT. We are seeing the merging of physical and cyber security to address ever increasing threats. Given recent global events, there were workshops and sessions that focused on topics like law enforcement, the role of AI, managing big data, and complete cyber protection. One trend that we saw at ISC West this year is a renewed focus on technology at the edge. This is a theme we have been discussing in our blog over the past few months. Experts are sighting concerns relating to cybersecurity as a driving factor in collection, analysis, and action at the edge, while limiting unnecessary information from being sent to the cloud.

The 27th Annual RSA Conference

Despite being the only event listed here that did not take place in Las Vegas, RSA 2018 focused on critical cybersecurity issues and trends. As a long time exhibitor at this conference, we have seen growth year over year at this event. The Moscone Center might be expanding just to support the increased number of exhibitors, sessions, and experts. Sessions focused on everything from the latest attack vectors to the changing landscape of privacy courtesy of GDPR. Intel announced several silicon-level innovations in Intel Threat Detection Technology (TDT) including Accelerated Memory Scanning to detect memory-based cyberattacks and Advanced Platform Telemetry using machine learning to provide more data points to detect threats. This is a continuation of years of innovation to protect customers and their data. As we visited with many current and potential clients, we continue to see a strong trend towards on-prem solutions that guarantee both performance and security.

Dell Technologies World: Transform Digital Futures

Our busy conference season brings us to an eventful and action packed week of insight and innovation, back in Vegas, at #DellTechWorld. Touted as the epicenter for transformation, this event focuses on 4 key transformations including digital, IT, workforce, and security. In conjunction with this event is the Global Partner Conference, where key partners like UNICOM Engineering have the opportunity to engage with Dell Technologies across the business units to garner knowledge and make connections that will better enable us to serve our mutual customers. If you missed a session or were unable to attend, you can check it out live at www.delltechnologiesworld.com. We look forward to sharing more of what we learn with you all upon our return.

UNICOM Engineering is a Strategic Integration Partner

UNICOM Engineering enables leading organizations in a variety of markets including security, media, and entertainment to package their IP in an easy to consume solution that meets a variety of go-to-market strategies, all built on the foundation of an appliance. With deep ecosystem relationships with leaders like Dell EMC and Intel, UNICOM Engineering can help you get started today. For more information, visit www.unicomengineering.com or contact us by telephone (800) 977-1010 or by email at info@unicomengineering.com.

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