Accelerate Your Solution with Intel Optane Technology

Jan 31, 2020

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Computer processing performance has generally been increasing according to Moore’s law, which means that processor speed doubles about every two years. With that growth, memory performance has not kept up with this trend, resulting in the use of compensating measures such as hierarchical memory with inclusive caches. With a combination of high throughput, low-latency, and high endurance, Intel® Optane™ Technology is optimized to break through bottlenecks by providing a new data storage tier. Let’s take a look at how this innovative technology can accelerate your solution.

Intel Optane - A Step Above the Rest

The increase in CPU frequencies has caused the operating temperature of CPUs to continue to rise, creating the need for computers to use multiple cores to achieve performance gains. However, only the layers of memory closest to the CPU have remained exclusive to each core, while the outer layers are shared by all cores. This architecture has increased the need for high performance, non-volatile random-access memory (RAM).

Increasing the density of memory storage generally reduces the cost per unit of storage, although memory performance remains relatively constant. Adding more layers of memory increases memory density, but at the cost of reduced performance. Intel Optane closes the gap between traditional memory and storage by combining storage capacity and intelligent system acceleration.

Intel Optane Offers Speed and Capacity

High-capacity storage devices leveraging Intel Optane deliver rapid acceleration with plenty of capacity to retain data. Optane enables almost instant boot up, which requires the OS to remain loaded in the computer’s fastest memory.

Improvements in connectivity speeds are one of the factors that have made cloud computing and storage more practical. It also allows applications to target a specific memory layer with a desired service level capability. For example, the online storage of pictures captured by a mobile phone requires different performance parameters than storing business transactions. Combining different types of media in a way that delivers consistent performance becomes possible with Optane.

Ready to Accelerate Your Solution with Intel Optane Technology and UNICOM Engineering?

UNICOM Engineering is an Intel Technology Provider working diligently to prepare its embedded platforms for Optane Technology. We leverage our deep expertise in Intel technology and an agile approach to implementation that will bring your solutions to market quickly and efficiently. We’re also flexible in our approach to system design, giving us the agility needed to bring your solutions to market amidst changing conditions. Furthermore, our global footprint allows us to deliver solutions around the world. UNICOM Engineering is helping customers gain a competitive advantage by designing solutions that maximize application performance while meeting cost goals. Do you think your solution could benefit from Intel Optane Technology? Call us today at (800) 977-1010 and UNICOM Engineering and Intel will help determine potential performance gains. You can also visit our website to learn more.

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