The Benefits of 380V DC for Data Centers

May 03, 2012

Data Centers are constantly looking to decrease costs and become more efficient. Energy consumption by data centers has taken center stage in recent years, particularly as rising power and cooling costs have resulted in IT organizations taking a longer, harder look at new “green” technologies. The challenge for data center managers in their quest to go green is to increase utilization, availability and compute densities while lowering costs associated with cooling and maintenance.

Jeff Hudgins, VP of Marketing for NEI, explains the benefits of a smart end-to-end DC (Direct Current) power architecture that converts Alternating Current (AC) utility power to DC further upstream inside the data center. This is where 380V DC enters the picture with fewer components, reduced cooling needs, and fewer heat-related outages.

By trimming power conversion losses, DC technology can improve energy efficiency by 10 to 20 percent. DC systems are also less complex, requiring less space and equipment, and have proven to reduce facility and equipment costs of up to 30 percent.

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