Bridge Your Data Divide With Dell EMC PowerScale Storage and Cloudera CDP

Aug 26, 2021

Data Divide

Today's enterprise data roams free. It's generated everywhere, from the cloud to the edge and beyond. As a result, bridging that data divide to manage and secure the data can be challenging. Fortunately, there is an answer for technology leaders - namely, the combination of Cloudera's CDP storage environment and Dell EMC PowerScale storage servers. With it, you can bridge your data divide to the benefit of your team, your enterprise, and your customers. Below we discuss precisely how.

Cloudera's Data Platform (CDP)

With a wider variety of data coming from and being stored in more places than ever, the task of connecting and managing it all can seem impossible. That's where the Cloudera Data Platform shines.

Quality Assurance Test Suite (QATS) validates your data and its hardware for accuracy and cleanliness. It offers data collection, data engineering, reporting, operational database, and prediction analysis to present your data in a meaningful way for use in machine learning or AI. It also eliminates Shadow IT by providing complete access to all of the organization's data.

Dell EMC PowerScale Storage Appliance Family

A comprehensive data consolidation effort requires the perfect marriage of software and hardware. Dell EMC PowerScale storage appliances have been tested and validated through Cloudera's Quality Assurance Test Suite.

This testing and validation process entails:

  • Overall architecture verification
  • Compatibility with the entire CDP classification system
  • Integration testing
  • Cloudera support policy compliance
  • Clustering tests with a variety of benchmarks and real-world workloads

Dell EMC PowerScale Advantages:

In 2020, Dell Technologies rebranded its Dell EMC Isilon scale-out storage appliance to Dell EMC PowerScale. For your enterprise, cloud, and hybrid-cloud storage needs, these servers offer several distinct advantages:

All-Flash and NVMe support - You can leverage today's highest-speed storage technologies.

No 3X Mirroring Required - Thanks to the storage efficiency of the Dell EMC PowerScale OneFS NAS, you'll only use the drive space you need.

Flexible Scaling - With PowerScale, you'll have the ability to scale your compute and storage resources independently. Therefore, you won't be overspending in one area to serve the other.

Lower TCO - By using your storage more efficiently, you'll optimize your spending by focusing only on the needed investments. No storage overprovisioning is required.

Quicker Time-to-Result - By bringing the system online quickly, the enterprise will generate insights and revenue rapidly.

Multi-protocol Support - You'll be able to connect various data and sources, including object, file, and third-party storage.

Data Consolidation Applications:

Today, firms leverage CDP running on Dell EMC PowerScale for data-driven decision-making in video rendering, customer engagement, supply chain management, life sciences data analysis, and other HPC or AI-driven applications.

Data Consolidation - It Takes a Team

Combining enterprise data also requires bringing together the right people with the right expertise to make it happen.

To ensure your success, it's best to leverage the right partner to make it all happen. The best systems integrators know the latest technology, available and in development, from major manufacturers and software providers.

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