Capitalizing on the Data Storage Opportunity with Dell EMC and UNICOM Engineering

Nov 18, 2020

Dell Storage Servers

Highly robust storage in today's data-centric era is critically important. Not only are consumers today using and sharing massive amounts of data, but developing trends like machine learning and the Internet of Things are capturing data like never before to deliver new levels of intelligence to consumers and businesses alike. Storing and processing such vast amounts of data presents various challenges and immense opportunities for those building innovative solutions.

Our mission is to help get your innovative storage solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively. We have a broad ecosystem of partnerships with leading storage technology providers, such as Dell Technologies, which allows us to ensure your solution is built with the most optimal hardware available. With the next generation of Dell EMC PowerStore storage appliances recently released, now is a great time to consider engaging with a value-added systems integrator like UNICOM Engineering to help you capitalize on the power of data, benefit from the latest technology, and stay ahead of your competition.

A Long History of Successful Partnership

The partnership between Dell Technologies and UNICOM Engineering stretches back well over a decade. In that time, we have helped countless technology solution providers achieve extraordinary results in bringing custom solutions to market built on Dell Technologies' industry-leading hardware. Thanks to the strength of our partnership, the UNICOM Engineering team is always up to date on the latest Dell Technologies product roadmaps, and we maintain close ties with Dell's engineering staff for ongoing collaboration. The end result is an unparalleled ability to deliver solutions powered by Dell's world-class technology.

Purpose-Built Appliances with Cutting Edge Dell Technology

When selecting hardware for your new solution, the best results often come from trusted technology leaders like Dell Technologies. Unlock the potential of data, no matter how it is structured or where it is located, with the new Dell PowerStore family of storage appliances. Built from the ground up by Dell Technologies, PowerStore is a revolutionary storage solution that is data-centric, intelligent, and highly adaptable. With its unique container-based software architecture that isolates independent OS components as microservices, PowerStore can run any traditional or modern workload while allowing upgrades and updates that are nondisruptive to operations. PowerStore features the innovative AppsON capability, which provides for virtualized workloads to run directly on the appliance, making them portable, agile, and fast. The platform can be scaled up for capacity extensions and scaled out for resource pooling or adding processing power as needed. On top of all this, users can expect at least a 4:1 data reduction for maximum storage efficiency thanks to always-on, in-line data reduction capabilities. PowerStore is an excellent fit for edge-based workloads, data-intensive workloads, remote offices, and many additional use cases across various industries when a new approach to storage infrastructure is required to take advantage of data's power.

Deliver an Optimized Storage Solution and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Regardless of your innovative data storage solution's scale and capacity needs, our team here at UNICOM Engineering can deliver it on the best hardware from industry leaders like Dell Technologies. We will ensure that the technology meets or exceeds all of your requirements today and well into the future. Our engagement does not stop there, as our team can seamlessly complement your team on everything from engineering to manufacturing, compliance, branding, logistics, and support, all of which are vital in providing your customers with a complete solution.

From our expansive range of expertise to our deep levels of partnerships, UNICOM Engineering is here to help ensure your solution is capable of making the most of the immense opportunity in the data storage market today and beyond. All of this while your team stays focused on growing your business. If you are ready to discuss how we can help you and your team succeed, visit our website to schedule a consultation or call us at (972) 633-3400. In the meantime, check out the UNICOM Engineering Flawless Execution video to learn more.

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