Dell EMC ProSupport – Simplifying Technical Support for Dell EMC Based Solutions

Sep 09, 2020

Dell EMC ProSupport

Dell EMC ProSupport – Simplifying Technical Support for Dell EMC Based Solutions

Innovative organizations are relentlessly pursuing new solutions that can offer an additional edge over the competition. Comprehensive support programs not only protect your investment but also ensures your solutions stay up and running and your brand and reputation remain positive. As a Dell Technologies Titanium OEM partner, we have many customers that utilize Dell EMC ProSupport as part of their solution and wanted to provide insight into their programs.

Dell EMC ProSupport offers organizations a way to protect their Dell EMC based solutions by providing access to deep levels of cross-platform expertise along with intelligent data and insights that are easily accessible for prompt and reliable service. The results are that technical issues get resolved in much less time, and the organization is better positioned to respond to new challenges and opportunities in the market as they continue to develop new products.

A Team of Experts to Help You Stay Focused on Strategic Initiatives

Dell EMC is known across the globe for providing world-class technical expertise to its customers. Their reputation was earned over decades of quality service and by amassing an extensive network of technology experts. Through ProSupport, you gain access to this network, which is comprised of more than 60,000 Dell EMC and partner professionals who are some of the industry’s best. These individuals possess over 11,000 certifications in industry-leading hardware and software solutions and possess vast knowledge in complex, emerging technologies. When organizations are able to extend their technical teams with the diverse array of experts offered by Dell EMC ProSupport, they can avoid distractions and remain focused on the strategic needs of their business.

Easy Accessibility to Help Ensure Success

A truly comprehensive support program must be reliably available to end-users, no matter how unpredictable their needs may be. Dell EMC ProSupport makes it easy to access support no matter where or when end-users may need assistance. Not only does the program extend support to 165 different countries, but there is also the ability to choose between phone support, online chat, email, and social media offerings, allowing users to get help in a way that is most convenient and comfortable for them. Such a high degree of access has certainly paid off as Dell EMC Support & Deployment services boast over 95% customer satisfaction ratings. This is a true testament to Dell EMC’s commitment to meeting the many needs of end-users and organizations as they leverage any number of various technical solutions.

Maximize the Value of Your Technology Investments

Organizations large and small all over the globe trust the Dell EMC ProSupport program. Additionally, UNICOM Engineering offers programs like Advance Server and Parts Replacement for the next level of protection that works in conjunction with the Dell EMC ProSupport programs. We even offer on-site assistance and utilize Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs) to maximize uptime and end-user satisfaction.

At UNICOM Engineering, our decades-long partnership with Dell EMC means that we have a front-row seat to the benefits of the ProSupport program, and we understand the immense value a comprehensive program provides your Dell EMC based solutions. The UNICOM Engineering team is skilled at connecting you with the right level of support that meets your needs while controlling costs and mitigating risks. If you are ready to discuss how we can help you and your team succeed, contact us online or call (800) 977-1010 today.