Dell Technologies World 2022 Takeaways – Innovation Starts Now

May 06, 2022

Michael Dell on Stage Dell Tech World 2022

Dell Technologies World kicked off on Monday, May 2nd, in Las Vegas, Nevada, with thousands of partners, investors, and customers in attendance, both in-person and through virtual sessions. The theme, Innovation Starts Now, shows a world that has come back together after nearly three years apart to drive business outcomes and transformation. Watch a quick recap of our time at this year's event.

Growth in Edge Computing

Michael Dell delivered a keynote that demonstrated how the company, its partners, and customers have persevered during difficult times to innovate with some of the best technology in the world. “We’re taking the next leap forward with a multi-cloud ecosystem that encompasses the edge where AI processes and moves data across 5G networks in highly automated environments,” Dell said. He further noted edge computing is a critical factor in growth for the company since data is processed closer to the end-user versus data centers. Dell projected that 75% of enterprise data will come from edge computing by 2025. He further maintained that recent advancements in AI and the power of edge devices have made it possible to transform vertical industries such as healthcare and financial services.

OEM Executive Summit

UNICOM Engineering had the honor of attending the OEM Executive Summit to learn more about the state of the business, technology futures, business outlook, and partnering with Intel. As in other sessions, there is a strong focus on the edge. Dell Technologies continues to offer a strong portfolio of products, from gateways to ruggedized servers. They were even awarded an Intel innovation award for the XR11 and XR12 product lines.

There was a focus on the evolving standards and requirements for security with a zero-trust approach and a focus on the hardware, software, and supply chain. John Roese, CTO of Dell Technologies, spoke about 5G and how the accurate measure of its effectiveness will be seen in the enterprise where it was indeed intended to revolutionize enterprise use cases with advanced wireless connectivity.

Michael Dell joined the session to reaffirm the importance of OEM in the edge and intelligent future initiatives that drive human progress. He spoke more on security and how Dell has developed strategies to protect against a breach and the tools necessary to recover quickly in an attack.

Bill Scannell, President of Global Sales & Customer Operations, spoke passionately about the business, innovation, design, and global execution. He provided inspiring examples of solutions in the healthcare, defense, etc., utilizing computer vision to ensure high levels of patient care and analytics to keep us safe and ensure we can quickly remove threats to our national security. They also spoke to the investment in the business to continually support partners, customers, and their ongoing needs for technology that drives innovation.

Unstoppable Innovation

Jeff Clarke, vice chairman, and co-chief operating officer for Dell Technologies, talks about how we’ve all become adaptive to a new world with a renewed focus on innovation. He spoke to all of the drivers and technologies fueling this innovation, from the proliferation of data to 5G. We will be more connected than ever; we will live in a data-intensive world. The decentralization of computation and storage is in front of our eyes—this disruption forces us to innovate to remain competitive.

The session then transformed into a workshop to cover changes in the PC as an essential component of our world, accelerated storage innovation, and reimagined industries. The PC delivers better connectivity, collaboration, user experiences, and sustainability. At the same time, the Dell Technologies storage portfolio is creating a continuous modern storage experience with highly adaptable software architectures, comprehensive cyber resiliency, and multi-cloud flexibility. And in terms of reimaging industries, Dell is providing a new level of agility, sustainability, and a desire to drive success in every organization they can influence.

The Fastest Storage Architecture in Dell Technologies History

Amongst the many announcements this week, Dell Technologies revealed several new updates to its storage solution portfolio. This includes the fastest-ramping architecture in the company’s history. The updated Dell EMC PowerStore offerings aim to deliver up to a 50% mixed-workload performance boost and up to 66% greater capacity, according to tests conducted in March 2022. Debuted initially at Dell Technologies World 2020, the PowerStore is now equipped with VMware integrations to improve latency and performance and simplify disaster recovery vVols replication and VM-level snapshots and fast clones.

Dell EMC PowerMax and Dell EMC PowerFlex also received new updates with increased cyber resilience features. The highlights include ransomware attack detection tool CloudIQ for PowerMax and container orchestration file support for PowerFlex. The updated solutions will be available on a global level in Q3 2022.

The Solutions Expo

The solutions expo provided the opportunity to see innovation in action, from sustainable immersion cooling solutions for the data center to VR-based solutions that revolutionize healthcare and surveillance solutions that provide the actual smart cities of the future. It was an opportunity to test drive and experience the latest innovations in action. In partnership with Dell, market leaders like Intel showcased their broad portfolio of trusted client and enterprise solutions, enabling businesses to move faster, innovate more, and operate efficiently.

UNICOM Engineering and Dell Technologies are Better Together

UNICOM Engineering is a Titanium OEM partner and a three-time Dell Technologies Americas OEM Partner of the Year winner. Our team is trained and ready to power your solutions with Dell’s industry-leading portfolio technologies to deliver truly unique solutions with greater speed and reliability. If you want to learn more about how we can help you drive your solution forward, watch our Why Build on Dell Video or visit our website to schedule a consultation today.

If you missed the event or would like to revisit some sessions, the content is available until June 4th. You can access the event at Dell Technologies World Digital Experience | Dell Technologies US.

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