Designing the Optimal Solution for Your Application

May 15, 2020

How UNICOM Engineering Protects Your Brand at Every Step of the Customer Journey

Launching new technology in a competitive and constantly changing marketplace is not an easy task. While technical skills and creativity are a necessity for innovation, a variety of additional capabilities that get that solution to market and enable your business to stand out are crucial. For this reason, many technology innovators turn to a strategic system integration partner to fill potential gaps that exceed their core business to get to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

At UNICOM Engineering, our comprehensive suite of services, complemented by a flexible engagement model, focuses on five key tenants: solution design, system integration, logistics and compliance, global support, and business analytics. Below we will focus on the solution design and share details on how our process delivers value to our customers while accelerating time-to-market.

The Largest Selection of Best-in-Class Technology

At the outset of the solution design phase, it is important to have options when selecting hardware to maximize the performance of your application. With a comprehensive approach to solution design and application deployment, UNICOM Engineering uses standard technologies to build platforms that meet specific application requirements, accelerate time to market, and reduce total cost of ownership. Customers can leverage our in-house design expertise and integrate best-in-class technologies to optimize performance and reliability. Our deep partnerships with industry leaders, including Dell Technologies and Intel, ensure access to best-in-class technology that can meet the exact needs of our customers. These partner relationships also afford us insight into future roadmaps, access to engineering staff, and ongoing training for next-generation technology. With innovative products your business needs to spur differentiation, our technology partners enable us to become a trusted expert with the knowledge, skill, and resources to power your solution.

Distinctive Design and Custom Branding

Branding is another important aspect of the solution design process. The visual components of every aspect of an offering, from the server appliance itself all the way down to the packaging and documentation, are all opportunities to make a positive impression in the minds of customers. Our talented design team has the tools and experience necessary to help you breathe life into your brand as your customers interact with your products from day one and throughout the product life cycle. We can help you implement your own design ideas or develop new ideas together based on a collaborative design process. Our team is committed to showcasing your solution and protecting your brand identity, all while giving your products the perfect look and feel.

Regulatory Compliance

The server design process is not complete until all regulatory and qualification requirements are passed. For customers with specific compliance needs, our Regulatory Compliance Services ensure that products and solutions comply with the many global requirements for safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and environmental requirements for information technology equipment (ITE). Before sending hardware to laboratories for regulatory testing, first, understand what compliance information already exists for your new product. UNICOM Engineering has several platforms with existing certifications that can be deployed to North America, the European Union, and Japan with no further effort. There are other platforms that we can provide that can be immediately deployed to various regions with little or no additional effort. In the event that a custom configuration adds new technologies, alternate drive & memory configurations, different disk images, encryption, or other advancements that gives your product an advantage in the marketplace, UNICOM Engineering can develop a path forward that includes the proper country approvals so that you can deliver to your customers anywhere you choose. Once the regulatory status of the various components and configurations are known, there may be enough evidence to simply build your product and ship, while being in compliance with the regulations of several countries. If, on the other hand, any testing or modifications of regulatory reports are needed, UNICOM Engineering will identify what needs to be done and why so that the markets you want to ship product to are properly addressed. These efforts protect our customers from non-compliance problems that could otherwise prove debilitating to the business.

Exceptionally Fast Time-To-Market with UNICOM Engineering

Solution design at UNICOM Engineering is a comprehensive process featuring rigorous technology selection, custom branding, lifecycle management, compliance services, and more. Our customers benefit from reduced time and expense for development, testing, and validation. Looking for a trusted integration partner to get your solution to market quickly in today’s competitive technology landscape? Check out the new UNICOM Engineering Flawless Execution video to learn more or contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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