Dynamic Duo: UNICOM Engineering Managing Growth on a Global Scale for Security-As-A-Service Company

Apr 25, 2017


As cloud computing has grown in scale and importance worldwide, so has the need to secure the valuable information and documents transmitted and stored in the cloud. When a leading cloud security provider sought to expand its services into Europe, it needed a partner to meld its cloud security with flexible engineering of appliances for their new European clients. Enter UNICOM Engineering, already a domestic partner of this company for years delivering flexible deployment options that addressed customer needs in virtually any computing environment. Their symbiotic relationship had already netted great gains for the two companies, with UNICOM Engineering’s tech design expertise, process controls and support services boosting its business by 40% in their first year of partnership. In their eyes, UNICOM Engineering was their “force multiplier,” and was a natural partner to support expansion into Europe.

Expansion into Europe

The best part of the deal that UNICOM Engineering brought to the table: its facilities in Galway, Ireland. When the security company set up shop in the UK, UNICOM Engineering was already poised to deliver the same high caliber service they were accustomed to from the domestic operations. The Galway plant, mirroring its sister facility in Plano, Texas, provides a win-win situation as its in-country service lowers risk, saves time and cuts cost. UNICOM Engineering provides custom-built appliances pre-embedded with an IP address assigned to the client, with added value of same-day turnaround and shipping. Not only does this in-country service boost their client’s standing in the eyes of their own customers, it adds bottom-line value, too. For example, their client is able to take advantage of expedited product replacement, refurbishment and re-purposing of hardware when a customer upgrades or needs a replacement, driving greater value in its appliance investment. This also dovetails into our recycling program for appliances that have reached the end of their useful life. On our customer's behalf, we destroy the equipment and provide a certificate of destruction. Both of these services would be astronomically more costly--both in time and money--if international shipping were involved.

Ultimately, UNICOM Engineering was able to tailor a plan that reflected the need for expedited turnaround and zero interruptions to client deployments. In addition, providing access to our Galway facility was a critical game-changer for supporting their European growth. Since all our manufacturing facilities mirror each other in capabilities and process, our clients are able to do business across our facilities while still working with one seamless team.

Ready to Partner

UNICOM Engineering is ready to partner with other clients looking to expand globally. With multiple manufacturing facilities, UNICOM Engineering is poised to deliver the same low-risk and cost-effective shipping (including drop-shipping), inventory and channel control as it provides for its domestic clients. No matter where your company does business globally, UNICOM Engineering is prepared to assist you with our unique customized engineering services. Find out more about our global support services by visiting our website.


Category: Cyber Security