Eight Advantages to Building on Dell OEM with UNICOM Engineering

Jul 28, 2016


Dell OEM and UNICOM Engineering make for a powerful team, together we can propel your appliance-based solution to the top of customers’ minds. “Standardizing on Dell OEM platforms backed by UNICOM Engineering’s design, integration, logistics and support expertise helps customers streamline software application deployment and shorten time to revenue. Whether you need to speed time to market, reduce costs, expand globally or improve your competitive advantage; UNICOM Engineering and Dell deliver with proven success.” Here are eight advantages to building on Dell with UNICOM Engineering:

1. A Trusted Product in Dell

Enterprises look for familiar brand names and high rated products when deciding whom to trust. Building on Dell OEM with UNICOM Engineering sends positive signals to clients knowing that the hardware they choose means less risk and a higher quality. Dell’s broad product line enables customers to build out their portfolio with options to meet needs of all sizes.

2. Design And Engineering Expertise from One of the World’s Best Solutions Partners

For nearly 20 years, UNICOM Engineering has been enabling OEMs, ISVs and other solutions creators to build the very best solutions leveraging trusted hardware to maximize the performance and manageability of their applications. We help our clients select technology to match price and performance goals. Decades of experience in security, storage, telecom, etc brings a wealth of knowledge when designing solutions and managing lifecycles. If your solutions requires additional third party components to be tested and verified for regulatory compliance, we have the team to handle the entire process.

3. Unparalleled Integration Expertise

UNICOM Engineering offers multiple integration facilities around the globe to support your growing business. We are an engineering driven company with a highly trained team ready to build to your specifications. We can integrate third party hardware, secure the OS to safely interact within server and network environments, and test and validate each solutions. Our facilities follow the same processes and procedures to ensure consistency regardless of where your solution is built. Control systems and quality checkpoints throughout the process ensure accuracy before moving to the next step. All while working with one team to design, build, ship and support your products around the world.

4. Professional Branding

We understand the value of extending your brand and identity to your products. We utilize your colors, images and personality to create multiple concepts from which to choose.We offer custom appliance bezels, logo splash screens, top-quality packaging, custom labels and thorough documentation to ensure your customer’s out of box experience is a positive one. It’s all part of protecting your brand.

5. Rack Integration

UNICOM Engineering provides world-class rack and frame-level design and integration services for solutions entering an enterprise or carrier environment that demands a higher level of integration services. From the initial design engagement, UNICOM Engineering documents requirements that later become detailed work and test instructions developed to guarantee repeatable and consistent builds. As we progress to the mechanical build phase, our team assembles the rack and integrates the power distribution panels, servers, storage, switches and other key components. We then route and identify cables for each system, based on customer requirements, and test the entire integrated rack for performance and functionality. The fully-integrated rack is then shipped in custom packaging for arrival at any site, ready for local installation and operation.

6. Inventory Management and Logistics

Procuring raw components in time for assembly can be tough. Shipping finished appliances throughout the world is even tougher. UNICOM Engineering makes it easy. From the build phase we can build to stock to ensure same day shipping. We can perform same day provisioning by order. We offer a demo and eval pool management program to allow you to show off your products at trade shows, meetings or to leave in the hands of a client that needs to try before they buy. We have experience shipping products around the world and understand the importance of trade compliance. To that end we have a team of professionals that will work through the requirements and paperwork required to get your products to their final destination without delay.

7. Business Analytics to Make Your Operations Smarter

Business Analytics means having visibility to critical data needed to manage your business and make decisions. UNICOM Engineering purposely captures critical data points throughout the build and deployment process to better manage solutions. This data is delivered via our easy to use dashboards providing the business analytics required to make informed decisions reducing your risk and increasing end user satisfaction. Our tools give you insight into product lifecycle management, daily inventory and shipments, and ultimately the field performance of your solutions in the field.

8. Support & Maintenance for Both You and Your Customers

Deliver support that makes an impact. UNICOM Engineering wraps additional service options onto Dell’s highly respected Dell ProSupport programs. We offer support on the entire solution including 3rd party components. If your solutions requires, we can provide replacement parts and servers — anywhere in the world — utilizing our 700 forward stocking locations and advanced warranty fulfillment system to minimize downtime. On-site response options are available to ensure a technician is there to meet the parts and complete the repair. All designed to help you keep your customers happy.

Want to Learn More About Building on Dell with UNICOM Engineering?

Take a look at our compelling infographic or our intriguing animated video below. You can also view our Dell OEM partner page to learn more about the capabilities we offer together. With UNICOM and Dell, we can help your product succeed.

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