Finding True Value in a Strategic Systems Integration Partner

Feb 13, 2020

UEI True Value Strategic Partner

Creating and delivering innovative solutions in a fiercely competitive market can be difficult. Even those that have superior technology and innovation can feel the pressure on the delivery side of their solution. Evolving customer demand for access and features, scaling for growth, managing supply, maintaining quality and consistency, and delivering top-notch support can add additional levels of complexity. Many of these challenges fall outside of the core competencies and take resources and funding away from key activities like developing future innovation and building market share.

Many solution providers look to fill gaps through partnerships. These partnerships should seamlessly extend the capabilities of your team by providing a full range of value-added services. However, not all capabilities are the same and not all partners are created equal. To follow are a few of the most important capabilities required to ensure a successful partnership. Each of these may become important at different stages of your growth but the reality is wouldn’t you want a partner that can offer all of them from the first engagement.

Deep Engineering and Technical Expertise from Design to Delivery

Your team was likely created by bringing together some of the most innovative thinkers in your industry and then surrounding them with the most skilled application developers and support staff. It is just as crucial to extend your team with experts in everything from solution design, to regulatory, integration, logistics, and support.

The UNICOM Engineering team meticulously designs, configures, and tests all products to meet exact customer specifications. We specialize in purpose-built appliances and platforms, embedded designs, storage technology, and frame-level design and integration.

By leveraging our in-house design expertise and best-in-class technology partnerships, our customers can rest assured that their solutions are optimized for performance and reliability. Not only that, our decades of experience designing in different environments and successfully meeting a variety of standards and regulatory requirements means that potential compliance roadblocks are navigated with ease.

Once the design is solidified, a team of production and test engineers are tasked with developing the documents and processes required to move to full scale production and ensure consistency throughout the build. The team is rounded out with logistics and trade compliance experts that ensure timely delivery. A team of quality experts follow the design, manufacturing, and shipping processes ensuring checkpoints along the way that guarantee the final product meets requirements and any anomalies are recorded, analyzed, and addressed.

Unparalleled Flexibility Throughout the Partnership

Every business is unique and requires a certain level of flexibility throughout their engagement with a partner. This may be in regard to how they handle inventory, financing, forecasting, end of quarter availability to support last minute requested, etc. How your partner engages in the most challenging times is a reflection of how you will be treated throughout the engagement. How well do they listen, consult, and prepare you for challenges that may arise.

As a strategic integration partner, our engagement model is anything but one-size-fits-all. We understand the market is unpredictable, and to best serve our customers, we must retain the ability to adapt to changes and be agile as we help them grow their business.

The strength of our technology partner ecosystem is a critical advantage in our ability to meet each customer’s unique needs. Our relationships with industry leaders such as Intel, Dell Technologies, and more, give our customers access to best-in-class solution designs today and visibility to what may become available as next-gen solutions are being developed.

Ensuring the right amount of inventory to address changing demand is a challenge that we work through with our customers daily. We help them to understand their demand over time and match forecast to growth and revenue plans. As demand changes, we do everything in our power to mitigate risk and capture unexpected revenue.

We also offer a variety of GTM models that ensures you address how your customer wants to consume your solution, without putting your resources and margin at risk. And, what about those last-minute orders at the end of your quarter. UNICOM Engineering addresses those with ease by allowing flexible resources and coverage to capture every revenue dollar possible to meet your growth goals.

Improvements in connectivity speeds are one of the factors that have made cloud computing and storage more practical. It also allows applications to target a specific memory layer with a desired service level capability. For example, the online storage of pictures captured by a mobile phone requires different performance parameters than storing business transactions. Combining different types of media in a way that delivers consistent performance becomes possible with Optane.

Global Scale to Support Future Growth

Your organization’s growth should never be limited by your partner’s ability to scale. Whether that be domestic or international. Do they have the integration and warehousing capacity to support the next stage in your business? Are they process driven and do they have the quality controls needed to go faster and build more? How will you manage support calls on a global scale? Will you require a global footprint of FSLs to minimize downtime and risk?

As you grow, international borders should never be a limiting factor. UNICOM Engineering’s global presence enables us to serve our customers no matter where they do business. We maintain worldwide manufacturing sites with capabilities tested and proven to meet any range of production requirements. Each site deploys copy exact manufacturing processes and procedures, which means our customers are never tied down to a single location and if they choose to utilize more than one, the experience is seamless. This substantially reduces production risk and ensures business continuity.

When production changes are required, our team of highly-trained engineers and technicians are equipped to make the adjustments without any interruption to our supply or ability to deliver. And as production requirements scale up over time, we readily recalibrate in a streamlined fashion to seamlessly enable growth. Scale and capacity are typical conversations that happen in quarterly business reviews as we anticipate needs and proactively provide the information required to feel confident your needs will be met.

Protecting your client’s investment is vital to success and support should be a key aspect of your offering. UNICOM Engineering’s outstanding support staff is available 24x7x365 and able to resolve end-user issues. Therefore, our customers do not have to take on the risk and headache of supporting deployed solutions. Instead, they offload these tasks to our specialized team of experts who become the end-users’ go-to resource to ensure high availability, troubleshooting, parts replacement, and more.

Speaking of parts replacement, in the event that a critical part or system happens to fail or is in urgent need of replacement, by utilizing our network of more than 700 forward stocking locations (FSLs) worldwide we can ensure quick part replacement and minimal downtime. Additionally, eliminating the complexities of global trade can make a huge positive impact on our bottom line and the satisfaction of your customers as well. We have a team of experts dedicated to areas of global trade including regulatory compliance, trade compliance, and logistics.

Increase Your Solution’s Success with UNICOM Engineering

Working with a flexible and strategic system integration partner like UNICOM Engineering ensures your business receives the scale and support it deserves. You can lessen the burden, cost, and risk of bringing your product to market while staying focused on growing your business. If you are ready to discuss how we can help you and your team succeed, call us at +1 (972) 633-3400 or contact us today. In the meantime, check out the UNICOM Engineering capabilities video or our website to learn more.

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