Flawless Execution, Delivering Innovation: The EU Lot 9 Standard — A Firmware Update and Review

Apr 29, 2022

UEI Podcast with Mike Cantwell

Host of UNICOM Engineering’s Flawless Execution, Delivering Innovation podcast, Tyler Kern, excitedly welcomed the show’s first guest, Mike Cantwell. As the Global Regulatory Compliance Manager with UNICOM Engineering, Cantwell is an expert on regulatory processes, including the European Union (EU) Lot 9 Regulations.

UNICOM Engineering works with many software companies to configure branded hardware and ship the finished product to the end customers around the world. The key here is that UNICOM Engineering takes care of the entire process, such as ensuring regulatory compliance requirements, customs, and duties are appropriately handled.

“UNICOM Engineering works hard to help our customers, and we do that not just by looking at the regulatory requirements, but all the aspects,” Cantwell stated.

This is important because, by law, these companies must comply or the product could be seized, the company assessed fines, and ultimately, its brand tarnished. With UNICOM Engineering handling these nuances up front, customers are protecting their brand because both the company and the end customers can trust the product.

Part of these compliance standards is derived from the EU Lot 9. As an eco-design directive that requires services to adhere to energy efficiency standards in products, violations are dealt with seriously. If a company is reported as in violation, it may be prohibited from importing to all countries within the EU and potentially tarnish its reputation.

While the updates required for compliance may seem minor, changes likely require significant product reworking and rigorous testing to ensure the functionality and safety are kept intact. Thankfully, UNICOM Engineering helps customers through the entire process. Listen to the entire episode on our Spotify or iTunes channels or watch on YouTube.

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