Fuel Up for Growth with a Value-Added System Integration Partner

Nov 25, 2019

UNICOM Engineering Systems Integration
Emerging technologies require OEMs to navigate new terrain, implement new offerings, scale their operations, and solve deployment challenges. Some companies try to tackle it alone and decide to design, procure, and build in-house but struggle with time, money, and resources. Others struggle with partnerships that have not stood the test of time, whether that be a lack of engineering knowledge or simply a size issue that is preventing them from scaling their business. To overcome these dilemmas, turning to a strategic partner to fill gaps and fuel growth becomes an ideal choice. A trusted and dedicated partner can bring your business goals to life more quickly and cost-effectively, helping you focus on your main priority—growing your business. UNICOM Engineering is here to help shorten your time to market, increase efficiency, and decrease risk with the engineering expertise and production capabilities to launch your solution. Here are a few key aspects of how we can get you there as a value-added systems integration partner.

Expert-level Design and Manufacturing Control

Selecting an integration partner that can see you and your product through from design to launch is crucial. Selecting a partner like UNICOM Engineering that has strong relationships at every level with leading technology providers like Intel and Dell Technologies, enables access to technology and roadmaps, buying power, and quick problem resolution. We start with a consultative approach, explaining the process, understanding your needs, and protecting your interests every step of the way.

Our team pulls from years of experience design solutions and can create a solution that meets your specific requirements. They consider lifecycle requirements, cost and performance goals, and compliance with the many regulatory standards necessary for global trade. Even branding is a consideration at this stage to ensure the solution distinctly carries your company brand and delivers a positive out-of-box experience.

Once a solution is designed, a proof of concept is developed for evaluation. At this critical stage, our customers have the opportunity to ensure we have correctly identified their requirements. It also gives them the opportunity to test the performance of their application.

As each solution is prepared for full-scale production, UNICOM Engineering manages the workflow processes and tasks needed to ensure that everything is completed on time and error-free. We lock down the critical elements of your solution by recording the system’s exact design and manufacturing requirements into our product lifecycle management system. Process and quality are at the foundation of our integration and manufacturing service offerings ensuring that each and every solution is built to exact specifications.

UNICOM Engineering uses manufacturing control software to ensure that each step of the integration process aligns with exact build requirements. These tools provide control and quality checkpoints to ensure the expected parts, features, and functionality of the application, bios, and firmware are installed. And, that test plans are completed and electronically verified before proceeding to the next step.

Compliance and Efficiency

Operating globally adds a level of complexity and risk. Adhering to the many country-specific requirements for safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and environmental requirements for information technology equipment (ITE) can be difficult. UNICOM Engineering has a team of regulatory compliance experts that stay up to date on the many requirements for selling solutions globally. With specialized skills and knowledge, our regulatory team engages during the design phase understanding where the final product may be sold and ensures that compliance requirements are being considered properly, ultimately reducing your risk and ensuring your solutions are ready for global trade.

Ready to Fuel Your Growth with UNICOM Engineering?

UNICOM Engineering sets the standard by offering everything from design to manufacturing, regulatory, branding, logistics, support, and everything in between. We enable our clients to build with confidence while working with an experienced multi-functional team. UNICOM Engineering can enable you to decrease the burden, cost, and risk of bringing your solutions to market while allowing you to maintain focus on your core business—delivering innovative solutions. Check out the UNICOM Engineering design and engineering capabilities video or our website to learn more. If you are ready to start the conversation of how we can increase your solution’s success, contact us today.

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