Gain a Competitive Edge with a Value-Added Systems Integration Partner

Jan 24, 2019


Keeping up with the pace of digital transformation can sometimes be a real challenge in today’s ever-evolving business world. As digital demands change across industries, so must the technology and deployment models of the appliance that supports these solutions. Building on an optimized, trusted platform is absolutely essential in order to maximize the value of your resources and successfully deliver solutions to your customers.

Establishing a partnership with an experienced systems integrator can boost your company’s ability to stay ahead of the competition and the ever-changing digital landscape. If you’re a software or solutions provider, you’ll want to choose a team that will provide you with value-added services that meet your company’s specific needs today with scalability for future growth. You know your solution as well as your market, but your partner should be an expert in non-core functions that are integral to getting your solution into the hands of your customers. Burdensome issues like regulatory compliance, branding, global logistics, and long-term product support can cost you valuable time and money. Here are some essential value-added services that your systems integration partner should offer to ease the burden, while controlling costs, and enabling business growth.

Key characteristics to consider of an effective value-added systems integration partner

Like all good relationships, harmony occurs when partners understand each other’s needs and work towards the same goal; all while protecting the brand and striving towards great end-user experiences. It is that feeling you get when you know you have someone you can trust and count on. After being in the business for a few decades, we can attest to the characteristics that have enabled the most growth and success for our clients.

A broad range of scalable and reliable server appliances

A reliable systems integration company will specialize in providing the perfect custom appliance or platform on which your application can be delivered using the latest technology. Broad technology partnerships with leaders like Intel and Dell EMC ensure access to not only reliable technology, but roadmaps and an extended team of experts. All working to ensure your solution meets performance and cost expectations.

Expert-level solution design and system integration

A great systems integrator can handle all aspects of your final solution, even if at first you don’t know how to best explain what you need. They are experienced with process control, data and information management, and can also identify value-added opportunities to make your solution better. The best systems integration team will take it upon themselves to look out for your company’s future growth and carefully consider lifecycle management as an important part of your business success. In the end, they  will be able to deliver a product that reflects your brand and one of your most important competitive advantages.

Trade compliance and logistics

There are many aspects of application deployment that require expertise and efficiency to protect margins and keep costs low. Your systems integration partner should be able to expertly manage issues like regulatory, trade compliance, and global logistics. Expertly planning and negotiating on your behalf to ensure your products pass through to your final end-user locations around the globe, while meeting compliance and trade laws. Working with a global organization that has international manufacturing locations makes this even easier as they can build in-region saving valuable time and money.

Flexible global support options

Protecting your investment is vital to success. Support should be a key aspect of your offering as well being customizable, allowing you to pick and choose the coverage and service levels your end customers’ demand. On-site and advanced replacement services minimize downtime and protect your investment. Also, consider a system integration partner with global forward stocking locations to ensure even faster replacement of parts and servers by keeping inventory in-country around the globe.

Increase your solution’s success with UNICOM Engineering

UNICOM Engineering sets the standard by offering everything from design to manufacturing, regulatory, branding, logistics, support, and everything in between. Our global manufacturing sites are backed by quality control systems to ensure consistency with every solution that leaves our dock. We enable our clients to build across locations while working with a single team. We have close relationships with industry leader like Intel and Dell EMC enabling many benefits from deep product knowledge to early access to evaluation products, shortening time to market and revenue.
With a strategic and experienced OEM integration partner like UNICOM Engineering, you can lessen the burden, cost, and risk of bringing your product to market while maintaining focus on your core business. Check out the UNICOM Engineering capabilities video or our website to learn more. If you are ready to start the conversation of how we can increase your solution’s success, contact us today.

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