Global Expansion Partner: Eliminating Risks and Harnessing Revenue

Feb 24, 2016


No matter how successful your solution is on your home shores, expanding overseas can mean navigating treacherous waters. Many successful Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have had their lucrative operations scuttled when they try to scale internationally. Without the knowledge or resources to handle unfamiliar regulatory and certification requirements, manage support abroad or even to navigate challenging customs and export rules; ISVs jeopardize important opportunities.

UNICOM Engineering is here to help ISVs bring their products to market around the globe with  efficient processes, reliable products and dramatically reduced risks. Our global footprint, multiple manufacturing sites in the US and Europe, and teams of regulatory and trade compliance experts make us one of the best value added system integrators and deployment partners in the business.

Read on to learn more about how UNICOM Engineering can bring you profits from all corners of the globe without adding unneeded stress, risk or administrative oversight.

Design and Manufacturing

The first net you may get tangled up in is regulatory compliance. Unfamiliar rules in hundreds of different countries can make keeping up with potential violations extremely burdensome. Even the simplest oversight could severely delay contract fulfillment, or it could even cause your company to incur fines and other penalties.

In the design phase we consider where your systems may be deployed and ensure we meet regulatory and certification requirements for each country and minimize non-compliance issues. Failure to consider regulatory requirements may mean that your final solution will never be accepted into the country.  

We then determine the best manufacturing strategy utilizing our multiple manufacturing sites to save valuable time and money. Each site follows the same processes and procedures ensuring predictable and consistent builds regardless of location.

Global Logistics and Trade Compliance

Shipping internationally can quickly become a maze of complexity and expense. UNICOM Engineering works with a variety of carriers and brokers to ensure delivery of your products to their final destination. We avoid liability and critical shipment delays with a team of trade compliance experts that navigate customs, are up-to-date on regulations and can weed out pirates that can land you in a heap of trouble.

Our portal takes the stress and administrative burden out of overseeing global shipments while allowing our partners to monitor inventory, orders and shipments from a convenient customer portal. This visibility provides important data and the peace of mind.

Global Support

You cannot be in hundreds of places at once, but with UNICOM Engineering you can. We provide global support capabilities that maximize uptime, extend the lifespan of systems and drastically improve the user experience. Replacement parts and systems can be stocked in over 700 Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs) worldwide dramatically reducing downtime and delays.

Are you ready to set sail?

Bring UNICOM Engineering along to protect your investment, minimize threats and improve your bottom line. Watch our fun, informative video above to learn more, or contact us today  or call 800-977-1010.

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