Global Support to Expand Product Lifespan and Maximize Up-Time

Jul 15, 2020

 Architecture for Latency-Sensitive Workloads and Big Data

Global enterprises rely on applications like yours to power their businesses. And, it’s extremely important to offer a comprehensive support and maintenance program, without which could quickly erode the brand you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. This is why UNICOM Engineering takes a collaborative approach to develop end-to-end global support solutions that aid your customers’ business goals now and well into the future. These programs are designed to help ensure high availability, rapid response, effective troubleshooting, fast parts replacement, and 24-hour support. Here are a few key aspects of how we can help remove the risk and burden of supporting deployed solutions, providing a critical competitive advantage.

Comprehensive and Convenient Support Programs

At UNICOM Engineering, support is a foundational element of our complete lifecycle services suite. Extensive post-sales support programs are available and designed to keep solutions up and running. It starts with our Basic Warranty Support program that comes standard with every system we manufacture. This program guarantees your solution functions properly and is free from workmanship defects of any kind. Basic Warranty Support provides two years of coverage with well-trained technical staff available via the convenience of our web portal, email, and telephone between 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.

In the event that in-warranty product or equipment is deemed inoperable, it can easily be returned via Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for repair or replacement. If the equipment falls outside of the warranty time period, then the same service is available on a time and materials (T&M) basis.

Advance Server and Parts Replacement Programs

Your customers cannot afford for their applications to go offline for prolonged periods of time. It can prevent them from providing mission-critical services and cost significant amounts of revenue. An upgrade to our Advance Support program entitles you to 24 x 7 x 365 troubleshooting hours and priority queuing, in addition to the quick replacement of necessary hardware.

The true value behind an Advance Replacement Program is the ability to have parts or full servers available for quick substitution in the event of an issue. With Advance Server Replacement (ASR), pre-configured systems are stocked at specified locations and can be shipped to your customers at a moment’s notice to replace a malfunctioning unit. For solutions with third-party components, our Advance Parts Replacement (APR) may offer an even better option for simplifying the component replacement process and save time. APR extends the warranty on parts for a minimum of one (1) year to a maximum of three (3) years. Once a failed part has been diagnosed and identified, a replacement part is shipped via priority freight Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). UNICOM Engineering assumes all freight charges for replacement parts. The recipient will be responsible for duties, taxes, fees, and licenses to import the goods.

Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs)

Streamlining the speed in which parts or systems make it to your location is critical to maximizing up-time. FSLs are an option under both ASR and APR programs, that enable us to stock servers or components in-country specific to your customer install base. With more than 700 forward stocking locations worldwide, our service team can provide real-time responsiveness and parts replacement with minimal delays that might occur due to clearing customs or any other complex issue that may arise. Forward stocking coverage also enables UNICOM Engineering to rapidly deliver within a four-hour or next day scenario, resulting in maximized uptime for your customers.

On-Site Response Options

It is often beneficial to have expert support staff available in-person. UNICOM Engineering offers multiple tiers of on-site response as add-on features to Advance Support Programs. The Advance Parts/Server Replacement with On-Site Technician service is an ideal choice for those who want to guarantee equipment replacement or worry-free installation. The service delivers experienced technicians to customer locations during local business hours, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

If 24 x 7 x 365 availability is necessary, customers may opt for the Anytime On-Site program, which provides full-time service and support from an on-site technician any time of day, even on weeknights, weekends, and holidays.

For customers whose applications require consistent and timely maintenance, our Anytime On-Site with Advanced Troubleshooting program may be the best bet. Under this all-inclusive support program, customers are guaranteed that a technician is dispatched within as little as four hours from the time of the support request. This ensures that the problems are handled and solved as rapidly as possible to prevent any long-term and potentially costly downtime for your customers.

UNICOM Engineering Global Support Services Provide Customers a Competitive Advantage

With the experienced Global Support Services team at UNICOM Engineering, you can lessen the burden, cost, and risk of bringing your full solution to market while focusing on your core business. We provide a full range of support options for customers with varying levels of need around the globe. Customized programs will help you meet your unique service requirements and ensure your customers have the utmost confidence in your solutions. Check out the UNICOM Engineering Flawless Execution video to learn more about support programs and our comprehensive set of service offerings. If you are ready to start the conversation on how we can increase your solution’s success, contact us today to schedule a consultation.