High Reliability, High Density, and Superior Performance - Meet UNICOM Engineering's E-2900 R6 Enterprise Server

Aug 19, 2021

E-2900 R6

Without a doubt, technology providers are always looking for the best hardware that meets performance and cost goals while delivering a superior solution. And, usually, with data center and enterprise limitations, you require more functionality in the same or less rack space.

That's where UNICOM's E-2900 R6 delivers its most significant value. Similar to the E-1800 R6, it offers a generous suite of improvements featuring 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors in a 2U configuration with added accelerators and IO, thus making it more expandable than ever.

The E-2900 R6 - Comprehensive Upgrades

Faster Processing – The most demanding workloads require the highest performing CPUs. Thanks to its dual-socket 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, the E-2900 R6 offers on average a 1.46x processing improvement over Intel's prior generation.

Increased Memory Capacity – Likewise, the more powerful the application, the greater its memory requirements. The E-2900 R6 offers up to 32 DDR4-3200 MT/s ECC DIMMs.

Maximum Drive Storage – Just as the need for RAM never stops growing, neither does the need for storage. The E-2900 R6 is available in two 2U configurations: one that supports twelve drive bays and another that offers twenty-four. Therefore, there's a good chance that one or both of these configurations will meet your needs.

Faster and Wider Throughput – The 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor family delivers faster processing within the CPU and provides more memory channels. With 6 UltraPath Interconnect (UPI) memory channels, you can feed the CPU more data than ever and take advantage of its improved clock speed. And across the motherboard, all of Intel's components are compatible with PCIe Gen 4, which doubles the transfer rate between components from 32 gigabits per second to 64.

Maximum Expandability – The E-2900 R6 offers three riser card slots for a maximum of 8 PCIe Gen 4 add-in cards. Therefore, the E-2900 R6 stands ready to interface with various peripherals at a faster transfer rate than ever.

Better Memory Recoverability – When it comes to your solution, your customers likely have little tolerance for downtime, and you, even less. Included in the R6 is support for up to 16512 GB of Intel Optane Persistent Memory. Therefore, even in power loss, a server can restore its memory within seconds instead of minutes.

The E-2900 R6 Delivers Game - Changing Benefits

Power and Reliability – The E-2900 R6 can accommodate up to 2 hot-swap, redundant capable power supplies. Options include 1300W AC Titanium, 1600W AC Titanium, and 2100W AC Platinum.

Improved Power to Space Ratio – With data center space at a premium, the E-2900 R6 allows you to pack more functionality than ever into the same amount of rack space, enabling you to grow in capacity at a minimal cost.

Improved Performance to Price Ratio – Thanks to UNICOM Engineering's consistent E-series architecture, you can quickly grow the power and capacity of your platforms by migrating to newer generations. This entails getting more computing capability for the same ongoing investment.

Quicker Deployment / Shortened Time to Revenue – When it comes to deploying your application, time is money. Thanks to the design consistency of the E-series, you reap the benefit of smooth transitions to the latest technology, allowing you to expand your application and generate more revenue.

The Power of Partnerships – As an Intel Technology Provider and a Dell Technologies Titanium OEM Partner, UNICOM Engineering works with our partners to understand new technologies and future roadmaps. As a result, not only does your application run on best-in-class hardware, but they are also future-proofed to ensure we meet lifecycle goals.

Worldwide Scope– Shipping delays and tariffs are hassles you can't afford. The UNICOM Engineering E-2900 R6 has passed regulatory requirements from government bodies such as the National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), European Certification Body (ECB), and others. Therefore, you can rest assured that your solutions are compliant to be deployed globally.

Performance, Reliability, and Flexibility - The Ideal Platform For Your Solution

Given the effort you've made to develop and grow your world-class solution, don't settle for underperforming platforms. In the E-2900 R6, you have a suite of technology improvements at your fingertips, waiting to be leveraged. Thanks to UNICOM Engineering's tested and consistent architecture, you can focus on innovation and market share.

As an Intel Technology Provider and a Dell Technologies Titanium OEM Partner, UNICOM Engineering has driven seamless transitions with our partners for decades. Our wide-ranging expertise allows our customers to implement their solutions quickly and efficiently without navigating the risks of bringing new products to market. Check out the UNICOM Engineering Flawless Execution video to learn more, or contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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