How 2nd Gen Xeon Scalable Processors are Powering Disruption

Jun 14, 2019

computer generated graphic of futuristic looking swirling wires, depicting the futuristic applications of the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Disruptive by design. That's how Intel® describes their latest innovation and refresh to the powerful 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, code-named Cascade Lake. If this bold tagline is anything, it's an understatement. That's because this next-generation processor is ready for the next generation of technological advancement. From advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) computing to deep machine learning, here we will cover just a few of the ways that you can benefit from this innovative processor. For a full technical discussion of features and enhancements, we offer this link from the Intel experts Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Family Technical Overview.

Xeon Scalable Processors Boost Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence is changing how we see the world and solve problems. It is opening avenues to things we likely never thought possible enabling our data to provide powerful insights, action, and value. The more data we can analyze the more powerful the outcomes. The reality is that as the data grows so must the power it needs to compute all the information. This is evident in applications like speech recognition, image classification, object detection, and deep network analysis.

Intel continues its cycle of innovation by accelerating the performance of those workloads taking AI to the next level.  The 2nd generation Intel Xeon scalable processor family provides the compute power complex AI workloads require on the same hardware as existing workloads. Because of Intel's innovative Deep Learning Boost and the Intel AVX-512 inference boost with Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI), which used to require three separate instructions, can now be done with just a single instruction. This performance and efficiency boost enable more timely and precise insights across many different industries. Examples of targeted workloads include image classification, speech recognition, language translation, objection detection, among others.

Improve Efficiency & Performance with QuickAssist Technology

Network security and data storage require a lot of compute power to securely encrypt and distribute that information to authorized users. Intel's QuickAssist Technology (QAT) added to a software-defined infrastructure environment eliminates roadblocks and notably improves the efficiency and performance of standard platform solutions when working within security, compression, and authentication systems.

This advanced data compression and cryptography acceleration work in tandem to eliminate the burden that this currently places on host processors. With QAT integrated into the chipset, enhanced data storage, transport, and protection become second nature to server systems.

A New Class of Memory with Intel Optane DC

Time is an important factor when accessing data and the powerful insights that it can bring. Traditionally data-heavy mediums like video storage have long been associated with high-latency periods while the data is transferred from hard drives to the processors. Intel's solution is a groundbreaking innovation that radically changes how that data is stored and accessed.

Based on 3D XPoint non-volatile memory technology that combines massive data storage with ready accessibility, their Optane™ DC Persistent Memory solution provides the best of both worlds. Their new technology makes all data stored within a framework appear to be localized, even though it may be stored on remote servers.

With new means of data transfer, traditional media can be stored and accessed in a fast, high capacity, and cost-effective manner.

Security First Solutions

Maintaining data integrity is a priority for almost every company out there. Most data is proprietary and sensitive and a data breach can cost a business millions of dollars in contracts and customer loyalty.

Intel realizes the importance of maintaining a secure environment and has created a multi-faceted platform that actively hardens its systems against malicious attacks. In addition to a world-class first response team, their newest technology has hardware mitigations that work to repel any attempts to compromise data through side-channel exploits.

Precise Resource Control

Managing huge amounts of data in a cost-effective environment means that not every active framework can access all resources at once. Before Intel's Resource Director Technology (RDT), adding tools to increase usability was often directly related to increased costs.

With RDT, understanding exactly what systems are using the most resources and then allocating those resources to process current demands is more simplified and streamlined than ever.

Instead of adding more processing power, this system allows a user to easily direct compute power exactly where it's needed. In addition to direct control to prioritize functions, RDT can also work in the background to identify other issues that may interfere with peak performance. If a system is running in the background but is still stored on the dynamic random access memory (DRAM), RDT can determine what isn't the most effective use of that space and power while finding a more suitable location and ensuring that the processes that need to execute are given priority in the most efficient manner possible.

A More Powerful Future with Intel 2nd Gen Xeon Scalable and UNICOM Engineering

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