In the Cloud, At the Edge, or In the Datacenter - Why Hardware Still Matters

Jun 09, 2021

Server hardware in data center

When deploying a solution, you can easily be distracted by competing priorities. With so many providers lining up to help with different aspects of your launch, it can be easy to forget the foundation of it all: the hardware upon which your solution runs.

The market's migration from on-premise, server-based computing to cloud environments and virtualization has made it easy to forget that even the best software is bound to the power of its platform - more specifically, its processor. The CPUs powering today's servers are not just relevant. They're more important than ever. Intel recently published a white paper entitled Top Benefits of Intel Technology in the Cloud that speaks directly to the technology and hardware behind today's leading solutions.

Below is a recap highlighting why building your cloud, hybrid cloud, or edge solution on Intel with UNICOM Engineering not only matters but also can be the key to your success.

Optimized for the Enterprise

You know the skill set of your employees, but what about your partners? It out-us/contact/ pays to learn the capabilities of your strategic system integrator as a whole and what each member of their staff can offer. Ideally, they'll act as an extension of your team. And from this pool of experts, your systems integrator should provide you with a team dedicated to your solution, accountable for its success. Why risk dealing with finger-pointing in the face of difficulties? You should be on the same team working towards the same goals, all the while working hard to protect the brand that you've built.

Application and Platform Mobility

Intel is widely supported in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Why is that important? Migrating between cloud providers has its risks. With other processing architectures, you risk refitting your applications to bring them online with the new cloud environment. The ubiquity of Intel's platform eliminates this risk.

Consistent, Anywhere Performance

Today's highly mobile workforce demands that applications perform at business speed in all locations, from the data center to the Cloud to the edge. While network connectivity is vital, so are the machines that connect users to their applications. Intel-based platforms offer the most globally available footprint.

Your application shouldn't be hampered by its success either. If your solution cannot grow, neither can the revenue it generates. Thanks to Intel's Mesh architecture, implemented to work with Intel Xeon Scalable processors, you can leverage workload-tuned performance even as you scale upward.

A Continued Focus on Security

As data remains one of the most valuable assets of any company, security concerns have emerged, and for good reason, considering the numerous high-profile cyber-attacks over the last decade. Intel has implemented the Intel Software Guard Extension (Intel SGX) within the Ice Lake platforms to combat threats and further demonstrate their Security First Pledge. These enhancements also include new features such as the Intel Total Memory Encryption (Intel TME), Intel Platform Firmware Resilience (Intel PFR), and new cryptographic accelerators. It strengthens platforms and improves the overall confidentiality and integrity of data.

No Matter the Location, the World's Best Software Still Relies on Hardware

Even the best applications rely on raw computing power to deliver value. What's inside the servers running your solution still matters, especially with the application and workload-specific benefits Intel offers. You never need to settle for subpar hardware performance. The key is to work with a systems integrator who partners closely with Intel and can build platforms that best leverage its technology.

As an Intel Technology Provider, UNICOM Engineering has helped drive the latest solutions with our partners for decades. Together we deliver world-changing technology and solutions. Our team's deep technical expertise helps drive shifts to the latest server platforms, and our flexibility allows you to bring your solutions to market sooner. Learn more about how UNICOM Engineering can help build on next-generation technologies by visiting our website or scheduling a consultation.

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