Intel Vision 2022 Recap and Key Takeaways

May 13, 2022

Intel Vision 2022

Intel Vision 2022, an Intel ON event, kicked off live in Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday, May 10. This event brought together customers, partners, and Intel leaders to talk about the latest and greatest technology advancements, network, collaborate, and learn. The event offered keynotes, business insights, breakout sessions, a solutions expo, and many opportunities to collaborate and make new connections. A few prevalent themes throughout the event were the edge, AI, comprehensive security, sustainability, inclusion, and building future technology leaders.

The Dawn of a Digital Renaissance

Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of Intel, begins the event with energy and excitement to share all that has developed over the last year. He touches on how the world has adapted to a hybrid world that has become genuinely technology-centric with an insatiable demand for compute coupled with a drive to take advantage of the edge with AI and inference solutions. All lead us to a precipice of the digital renaissance where we challenge the complexities of tomorrow, how we are interconnected, our reliance on leading-edge technologies, and a need to partner across boundaries and industries. By the year 2030, we will have connected 90% of the world to everyone and everything.

We are just beginning this digital transformation and technology is a powerful bridge that enables us to navigate life. At the core is 5G networking capable of ensuring our ability to connect and create innovations and experiences and improve the quality of our lives and those around us.

Gelsinger discusses the four superpowers driving the forces of innovation, including ubiquitous compute, cloud-to-edge infrastructure, pervasive connectivity, and artificial intelligence. Consider that everyone and everything is connected. Everything we touch has become a computer, new services are enabled from cloud to edge, and AI is making intelligence of it all with pervasive use cases. The true power is when these four come together to reinforce and amplify each other to accelerate and drive innovation at a torrid pace.

Intel leaders joined the discussion to focus on their latest advancements, beginning with the PC as the foundation of it all. The data center solution group discusses how they will embrace and make sense of the vast amounts of data being generated while helping customers to reduce time to market and time to revenue with the Xeon Scalable architecture, built-in accelerators, IPUs, software optimizations, and secure computing advancements. They discussed advanced technologies with the Metaverse and project endgame illustrating full sensory motion with continual compute, a gamer's dream, and the path to Zettascale computing with project Aurora. As artificial intelligence becomes critical across businesses globally, Intel announces project Apollo to make

AI deployment more accessible and easier to deploy at scale.

The keynote ended with Intel highlighting the future technology leaders with their projects of inclusion with the Hidden Genius Project and their influence on the next generation with the AI Global Impact Festival winners from around the globe.

Security Begins with Intel

Day two started with a keynote from Greg Lavender, SVP, CTO, and GM of Intel's Software and Advanced Technology Group, focused on security as the demand for compute and connections increases at a staggering pace. Innovation has brought such astounding benefits to our daily lives, but it has created an attack surface and attack vectors at an unforeseen scale. New ransomware attacks will occur every 2 seconds by 2031. Intel's team is designing and engineering with a security-first mindset and an unmatched portfolio of products with ever-increasing security capabilities. Security and protection of our digital assets are critical, and Intel is addressing this need with confidential computing, secure and responsible AI, and preparing today's digital environment for the era of quantum computing.

Ubiquitous computing makes security paramount to protect data at rest, in transit, and now in use. A secure computing environment is being addressed in software, hardware, and supply chain. Intel's Threat Detection Technology (TDT) and Intel control-flow enforcement technology are hardware-enforced security capabilities providing a root of trust. Confidential computing initiatives address this via Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX), and additional tools. He goes on to introduce Project Amber, a Trust-as-a-Service solution, to extend attestation services in cloud environments. Intel is truly taking a software-first strategy to advance open-source software security.

AI is definitely attributed to the rise in the amount of data and is also attributed to the growing threat landscape with massive security and privacy concerns leading Intel to focus on the responsible use of AI, including enforcement and ethics. A valid question is whether the specific technology contributes to improving society to prove its merit. OpenVINO machine learning platform is enhancing trust and helping in securing AI models as the models are accelerating the development of AI-driven solutions. A few real-world AI examples were provided, including the Perelman School of Medicine federated tumor segmentation illustrating a privacy-preserving AI approach to improving collaboration efforts to locate tumors more quickly. Another interesting AI example addressed deepfakes and the malicious spread of misinformation. FakeCatcher is a deep learning solution to detect deep fakes in real-time utilizing remote photoplethysmography techniques.

The discussion turned to Quantum computers providing computational power far exceeding traditional computers that will cause issues by weakening and ultimately breaking cryptography. As a result, Intel is leading the industry with quantum-resistant innovations for the impending Y2Q in 2030. Intel has a solid commitment to this initiative with a series of building blocks to address this imminent threat. However, today's data must be protected to support these future efforts. To protect today's encrypted data, solutions based on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors are the most protected platform with built-in crypto acceleration.

4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

We are excited for the upcoming launch of 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable, codenamed Sapphire Rapids, a new microarchitecture designed to address the dynamic and demanding future workloads across compute, networking, and storage. The world's most trusted compute platform is enhanced with industry-leading reliability and security, robust transistor-level technology, and workload-driven optimization with built-in accelerators. A few notable enhancements include Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX) providing a significant performance boost for AI/deep learning workloads, built-in Intel Quick Assist for improved density and compute efficiency, and Intel Data Stream Accelerator (Intel DSA) for increased I/O throughput and decreased latency. These improvements will unlock performance and efficiency for AI/deep learning, data analytics, networking, and storage use cases.

The Importance of Authenticity and Vulnerability in Leadership

Arguably the most important session of the week addressed personal development, and our responsibility as leaders was led by Marcus Lemonis. You may know him as the CEO and Chairman of Camping World, or from the CNBC hit show The Profit, or the HGTV program The Renovator. Lemonis shared his personal stories of hardship, success, and self-realization. From very humble beginnings, Lemonis fought his way to becoming uber successful by his thirties, and he was faced with a significant mindset shift to discover his true purpose. He realized that by utilizing his success and platform, he could help change how we relate, work, and coexist with others.

He challenged the audience of leaders to slow down and strive to understand people, their motivations, and their stories to drive the performance of the people we lead. Now more than ever, there is an intense desire for leadership to overcome current challenges and drive people to their fullest potential. But how do we get there? Because being a leader is a gift and a burden as others depend on us significantly, and our decisions impact others.

We can all begin by being open, vulnerable, and widening our lenses. By doing so, they feel more connected to us, and we can change someone's life and make an impact. He challenged us to think of a person that we do not enjoy working with and consider what it would be like to fix that relationship. Simply change our attitude towards that person, extend an olive branch, and see if their life changes. At the end of the day, the true meaning of success is that another human's life is better because of us. Keep in mind this does not negate the drive to make money and find success in our careers, and it just adds the bonus of us having the ability to lift others and be a force for change.

The Benefits of Intel Platforms for AI Workloads

Thanks to its long history of innovation, Intel can offer solution providers significant improvements in AI compute performance in an ecosystem they already use.

Instead of converting to other platforms, providers that already leverage Intel can scale AI performance by adding processors - not necessarily servers. This advantage is due to Intel providing the only x86 data center CPU with AI acceleration. Therefore, solution providers can scale their AI performance without leaving a processing environment they already know and trust.

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