NEI’s Application Update Service and Application Update Manager

May 03, 2011

NEI is offering an innovative software update capability which enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to automate delivery of updates in a secure, streamlined process. The capability is available to physical platforms as well as virtual and cloud-deployed appliances. Here are the details.

How does it work?

Update Manager is NEI’s full-featured software agent for managing and administering updates. Residing on each server or appliance, it interacts with an Update Server to receive and validate software upgrades and upgrade systems deployed in the field or in dark site locations. The agent utilizes a patented digital fingerprinting technology to distribute secure, authenticated software updates to physical platforms as well as virtual and cloud-deployed appliances.

NEI Update Service.png

Update manager is a component of NEI’s Update Service. Update Service automates delivery of upgrades and updates. Using Update Service, an ISV can control the delivery of upgrades and updates to phone-home or dark sites regardless of platform.

What does it do?

NEI’s Update Manager and Update Service automate delivery of software upgrades and other OS, application and configuration updates. This reduces support costs and extends product lifecycle. Specifically, Update Manager and Update Service offer the following features:

  • Secure and automated delivery of critical patches and updates
  • Self-managed update capabilities with tools to streamline change management
  • Improved lifecycle control to reduce support, service, and maintenance costs
  • Support for both phone-home and dark site updates
  • Ubiquitous control of hybrid deployments involving on-premise, virtual and cloud-deployed environments.

In short, it provides a quick and easy method for ISVs to manage and conduct deployment of updates and upgrades to end-users in an automated, secure environment.

Last Word

NEI’s Update Service with the new Update Manager agent provides a simplified, streamlined and secure capability for ISVs to update and upgrade their products. For additional information, visit the NEI website.