Shorten Your Solution's Time to Market with a Strategic Systems Integration Partner

May 27, 2021

Finding the Right Systems Integrator

How long will it take for your new solution to come to market? It's one thing to plan and engineer your next innovation, but another to deploy it and generate revenue. Even the most game-changing solutions can wither away on the vine of implementation or take longer than expected to get to market, risking valuable market share.

There can be gaps between your company's ability or resources to implement and deliver your customer's needs. That's where a system integration partner with comprehensive service offerings can step in and get your solution to market as quickly and effectively as possible. After all, as the saying goes, time is money. And, of course, you're probably not the only one counting on your solution's success. You may have the eager eyes of leadership and investors on you as well.

Below are a few ways the right system integration partner can shorten your solution's time to market.

Skill Gaps and Accountability

You know the skill set of your employees, but what about your partners? It pays to learn the capabilities of your strategic system integrator as a whole and what each member of their staff can offer. Ideally, they'll act as an extension of your team. And from this pool of experts, your systems integrator should provide you with a team dedicated to your solution, accountable for its success. Why risk dealing with finger-pointing in the face of difficulties? You should be on the same team working towards the same goals, all the while working hard to protect the brand that you've built.

Extended Partnerships

When working to speed time to market, consider your systems integrator's capabilities as well as their partner network. The relationships they've built within the technology ecosystem can have an impact on access and speed. Those that have forged strong relationships at the deepest levels have access to preproduction systems for evaluation and technical staff at the manufacturer to troubleshoot and ensure interoperability. Working with tier one technology providers like Dell Technologies and Intel enables us to offer the highest quality products and bleeding-edge technology.

A Production Network

Streamlined, efficient production is not only about how your solution is built but also where. To fulfill your customer's demands, you need to ensure that you'll have the right product, in the right place, at the right time. While you may know the geography of your market better than anyone, have you considered how your manufacturing facilities match up? Can you build and fulfill from multiple locations around the globe, saving both time and money? Do they also have business continuity plans to push production to another facility if disaster hits?

And as vital as your mix of locations are, so are the resources your systems integrator offers at each location. Look for trained engineers that understand hardware and how to meet cost and performance goals. Designing the right solution from the beginning helps you avoid overbuying hardware. And, if your solution is as successful as we know it can be, expansion is in your future. Ensure you have room to grow.

Time is a Valuable Resource to Waste - Find the Partner that Meets Your Needs

Ultimately, there's no need for you or your team to act alone in the race to get to market. Your solution is too important to risk. Why not leverage the capabilities of a strategic system integration partner to help you get there without delay. Learn more by downloading our guide to What to Look for in a Strategic System Integration Partner.

UNICOM Engineering is a leading strategic OEM integration partner providing comprehensive services and lifecycle management for software developers and OEMs worldwide. Through our expertise and comprehensive suite of solution design, system integration, global logistics, trade compliance, support, and business analytics services, the team at UNICOM Engineering redefines application deployment to provide customers with a sustainable competitive advantage. We also partner with the industry's leading technology providers, including Dell Technologies and Intel, to ensure you have access to what you need when you need it. For more information, visit our website or schedule a consultation.

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