Solving Cloud Server Challenges | UNICOM Engineering

Oct 18, 2013

Interesting challenges for cloud servers have surfaced as cloud-based applications and Big Data analytics continues to grow. Performance, scale, and maintainability are three primary concerns that are raised when considering cloud server hosting.

To address these issues, Kontron has released the SymKloud MS2900 targeted at solving the challenges of cloud-based applications. The MS2900 distinguishes itself with 4 key features: switching, load balancing, modularity, and reliability. To add appeal, the MS2900 combines the modularity and switching strengths of the ATCA standard with the profile and price point of a standard 2U rackmount server. This cloud server is specifically designed for NEBS Level 3 carrier environments featuring integrated switching up to Layer 7 with node and cluster load balancing—all with five 9’s reliability. To make it even more attractive, the MS2900 is easy to maintain with simplified 1-click updates.

Specs include 24TB of storage, 8 Xeon processors, and up to 8 (2U) units in a cluster, giving the unit modularity without sacrificing performance. The SymKloud MS2900’s integrated switching, load balancing, and processing in a 3-in-1 modular platform is well suited for cloud-based transcoding and content delivery infrastructure applications.

The MS2900 directly addresses the known issues with cloud servers in a compact 2U modular form factor. If you are interested in discovering how the MS2900 or any other solution can help address your cloud server issues, contact UNICOM Engineering at (800) 977-1010. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Category: Cloud Computing