Takeaways from Dell Technologies Design Solutions and UNICOM Engineering Wins Partner of the Year

Nov 03, 2020

Takeaways from Dell Technologies Design Solutions and UNICOM Engineering Wins Partner of the Year

This past week, Dell Technologies built on the success of Dell Technologies World (DTW) virtual event by hosting their OEM Design Solutions experience with two full days focused on OEM customers and partners. The content was tailored to the customization of Tier 1 platforms with innovation to create truly differentiated solutions. At Dell Technologies, they believe the best customer solution is a designed solution because the journey allows us to dream, research, prototype, and refine to create solutions customers love.

Enabling the Operational Edge

Many of the themes that were present at DTW continued during this event. There was a focus on the edge as growth is strong in this area, and Dell Technologies has launched significant building blocks to support this end of the compute continuum. They walked us through, looking at the edge as an extension of the cloud with unique requirements. Consider storage as an example, where data is transient, and software-defined and tiered models should be considered. They challenged the audience to look at the edge as a system, see how workloads share attributes across layers, and understand how the edge plays with the rest of the system. Subsequently, they ventured into the future to delve into how we tie systems and services together. The speakers also spoke about understanding how the value AI can bring to the system by shifting the human burden to machine intelligence to achieve scale and manage more than we ever thought possible.

Leveraging Data for a Competitive Advantage

We certainly can't talk about the edge without a discussion around data. It is an essential asset to any organization, and that includes OEM solutions. Within every solution, you are capturing or leveraging data on behalf of your customers. What is the best way to not only monetize that data but also use it to drive better outcomes and create powerful new opportunities? To unleash the power and value of your data, it must be accessible, stored, and protected securely, and mobile so that it can be moved efficiently across the edge, core, and cloud. We must also consider disruptive technologies (AI, 5G, and machine learning) that will only add complexity because of data proliferation and disbursement. We all want to use data to gain insights. It comes from leveraging your data, storing it, protecting it, and scaling solutions into the future.

Dell Technologies Partner Design Experience

This year marked the tenth anniversary of the Dell Technologies OEM partner program. This fantastic program enables partners like UNICOM Engineering to excel and support our customers with unique capabilities and industry expertise, all built on Dell Technologies' family of products. As a customer, rest assured that Dell Technologies invests heavily in the partner community with in-depth training, access to internal teams, and transparency to their future roadmaps and strategy to ensure we are as prepared as their team to address customer needs. Our collective strengths provide the best value to our customers by enabling us to simplify complexities and shorten time to market, all while creating genuinely differentiated solutions.

UNICOM Engineering is Awarded Partner of the Year and President's Circle

The entire UNICOM Engineering team was excited and honored to be acknowledged for our accomplishments in the Dell Technologies OEM Partner Program for the second consecutive year. Ron Pugh, VP and GM, Dell Technologies OEM Solutions Americas, presented the Americas region awards. Ron shared that the President's Circle Award recognizes top partners globally for their overall revenue, services, and storage contributions. Partner of the Year criteria also considers overall growth, net new acquisition, storage, and overall value. As one of the original Dell OEM partners ten years ago, UNICOM Engineering was explicitly recognized for consistently offering flexibility, unique services capabilities, and various business models. It was said that UNICOM Engineering is known for pushing the limits in everything we do to support our mutual customers and the Dell Technologies OEM team. Most importantly, we were acknowledged for our ease of doing business, product/solution knowledge, technical capabilities, value to the customer, and the trust to represent Dell Technologies OEM solutions. Read more by viewing our press release, UNICOM Engineering Named OEM Solutions Partner of the Year.

Ready to Design on Dell Technologies with UNICOM Engineering?

Let's start the conversation today. The sooner we start, the sooner we can turn your ideas into differentiated solutions. We are riding high on the excitement of our Partner of the Year award and can't wait to show you what we can accomplish together. Visit us to learn more about how together we can design solutions that provide a competitive advantage with Dell Technologies or schedule a consultation today to get started.

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