Takeaways from the Fall 2021 Intel Partner Forum

Nov 22, 2021

Intel Partner Forum Fall 21

This past week, Intel hosted their Intel Partner Forum, which focused on understanding industry growth trends, Intel's future, and how partners can come together as an ecosystem to capture new opportunities with Extreme Partnership. Here is a recap of our takeaways from the event.

Extreme Partnership

Intel's purpose is to create world-changing technology to enrich the lives of all people on earth. Together with their global partners, Intel is ready to move the world forward with breakthrough technologies and solutions from autonomous driving to medical advancements and much more. The theme of the event is together to highlight how partners and customers win with Intel.

As announced at Intel Partner Connect 2021, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger believes that partners are fundamental to the success of returning Intel to broad and uncontested technology leadership. The future of innovative technologies is powered by what he calls the Four Superpowers: Ubiquitous Computing, Pervasive Connectivity, Cloud to Edge Infrastructure, and AI.

He goes on to elaborate that the magic of the four superpowers is how they reinforce and amplify one another, creating a connected series of major market forces, which in turn leads to new opportunities for growth and transformation in the digital realm.

John Kalvin, Vice President of the Sales, Marketing and Communications Group (SMG) and General Manager of Global Scale and Partners at Intel, describes the need for Extreme Partnerships that are deeper yet energetic and flexible. He notes that quicker response times along with increased business value will provide breakthrough experiences. To address partners' needs in order to succeed in the Extreme Partnership arena, Intel identified three areas to deliver more value to the ecosystem. These are defined as helping partners grow to fuel business growth, ensuring better integration between Intel and the ecosystem to align assets and resources for partners to efficiently leverage, and simplifying the partner experience. Intel's acknowledgment and focus on these areas emphasize their commitment to the partner community and success for everyone.

U.S. Regional Discussion

Greg Ernst, VP and GM US Sales and Marketing; Dorin Vanderjack, GM US Accounts; Owen DeLeon, GM US PSG Sales; and Gina Merjanian, U.S. Inside Sales General Manager at Intel Corporation, sat down to answer questions with Jason Kimrey, General Manager of U.S. Channel and Partner Programs. All of them touched on the industry opportunities and Intel's transformation. They all spoke to Intel's commitment to advance technology and be at the forefront of opportunities with solutions and services that deliver.

Gina recapped the most significant announcements from this year's series of events to reinforce Intel's promise to continually release tech to address the opportunity. The Intel Unleashed Event unveiled the Bold IDM 2.0 model that outlined Intel's strategy to drive manufacturing, innovation, product leadership, and expand to become a world-class foundry to service the U.S. and Europe.

In July, Intel built on the vision and revealed new node naming, which better aligns with the industry to serve as a consistent framework and a more accurate view of process notes for partners. Merjanian also disclosed that Intel recently shared the most comprehensive process roadmap to partners and their plans to deliver on an annual cadence of products. The announcements provided partners with clarity, transparency, and insights into products and technology.

Merjanian also summarized Intel's Architecture Day that occurred in August 2021. The company showcased the largest architecture shift in a generation. Intel also announced its commitment to produce dependable platforms for today's increasing workloads amongst the many next-gen technology features we look forward to working on within 2022.

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