The Potential of Touchless Telecom - How A Value-Added System Integrator Can Take You Further

Mar 25, 2022

Touchless Telecom

Today's communications solution providers (CoSPs) have a multitude of responsibilities. They manage and maintain large complex networks and keep them running smoothly and securely. On top of these priorities, CoSPs need to innovate and expand their service offerings to stay competitive continually. Two such innovation opportunities are 5G and touchless telecom, promising many improvements.

Yet unfortunately, while 5G innovations abound, not all of them live up to the vision they propose. That's where a systems integration partner can help applications achieve the full benefits of touchless telecom.

5G and Its Promises

For CoSP, there's no question that 5G paints the picture of a very bright future. Attributes of this ideal scenario include open standards, cloud-native, commodity-based architecture, and zero-touch provisioning.

Some CoSPs are ahead of the 5G curve, enjoying touchless telecom and many other benefits. Many other CoSPs have yet to realize them. Still, this alone doesn't mean that telecom providers can't make valuable incremental progress.

The Cost-Justification for 5G

While vendors have marketed 5G technology to CoSPs as a tool to enable more service offerings, a robust internal business case also exists. The cost-savings and scalability of using commodity-based, standardized infrastructure is one example. Another is the deployability and operational benefits of zero-touch.

Yet even in the latter case, the technology's true potential is not always presented, much less realized.

The Real Power of Zero Touch

The term 'zero touch' has been used to describe many touchless telecom applications, platforms, and other network products. For example, you've probably heard at least one of the following terms:

Zero Touch Provisioning - platforms, appliances, or other tools that run their own automated installation and configuration sequences.

Self-Healing - networks or platforms that sense problems and take automated action to correct them.

Autonomous-Operations - hardware and software configured to perform previously manual tasks like update, back-up, and recovery.

However, the challenge for CoSPs has been that the platforms and other equipment offering these advantages have offered automation based on their limited view of a CoSP's architecture. Therefore, the zero-touch automation doesn't fully streamline deployment or management processes.

Make no mistake. The challenge is not that the advantages they offer aren't significant. It's just that full zero-touch automation, for CoSPs, exists mainly as a goal and is not achieved by any single technology.

Partner-Assisted Automation

To bridge the gap between the promises of 5G and zero-touch and the reality of its architecture, CoSPs should look to partner with a skilled system integrator with three attributes:

Deep Hardware Expertise

First, systems integrators have the extra knowledge and personnel required to build the most efficient and autonomous architecture possible. A skilled system integrator has worked with CoSPs and telecom equipment providers for years and has seen the industry grow into technologies like voice-over LTE and 5G.

As a result, the right system integrator enables CoSPs to expand their networks' reach, performance, and variety of services.

Key Partnerships

It's vital to select integrators who have close relationships with hardware and software providers so they can know upcoming technology before it's released to the market.

CoSPs can leverage this partnership to design, build, and ship the best hardware to suit current and future needs. For example, UNICOM Engineering and Dell Technologies OEM Solutions have joined forces for over a decade to provide the latest in flexible and scalable platforms. Some of their latest products include the Dell EMC PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 servers equipped to leverage 5G, MEC, and IoT.

In addition, while working with server suppliers provides value, so do partnerships with chip manufacturers. For example, UNICOM Engineering works with Intel to enable custom hardware solutions built on their Intel Xeon 3rd Generation Scalable processors and related technologies. Therefore, CoSPs can not only expand their networks based on high-performing processors, but they can also enjoy the benefits of technologies like Intel Optane Persistent Memory and Intel's 5G Security Framework.

Comprehensive Services

The best integrators offer CoSPs the life cycle, warrantee, and logistics services needed to automate network operations as much as possible.

In short, a systems integrator can be the missing link required to bring CoSPs as close to a zero-touch environment as possible. Therefore, CoSPs can feel free to innovate and deploy new services and gain new revenue streams.

To Make the Most of Touchless Telecom, Look to UNICOM Engineering

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