The Power of Custom Server Branding

Aug 30, 2019

UNICOM Engineering Custom Branding

Your brand tells your story, reflects what you stand for, and the promises you make to your customers. You’ve worked hard to create your brand and stand by it proudly, so the ability to deliver a product that lives up to that promise is an important part of your business. Looking for the right partner to build your brand should involve finding one who can offer choices, flexibility, and experience. UNICOM Engineering adds this service as part of our comprehensive system integration and deployment offerings. These services provide our customers with a variety of options for branding and hardware customization.


UNICOM Engineering is committed to protecting your brand and bringing it to life by providing the experiences you desire out-of-box. Our team can help create a server solution that will stand out in a crowd, whether you already have your own design elements or are looking for a place to start. Our full range of branding services allows you to deliver your solution with your own logo and style quickly and cost-effectively. These services can also include complete design consulting and even custom fabrication.

Branding Options

Our designers can guide you through the process of meeting your unique requirements, regardless of the platform you’re using as the basis of your solution. Our branding options for ensuring your customers have a positive out-of-box experience include the following:

  • Bezels
  • Documentation
  • Label
  • Packaging
  • Splash screens

We can design these features with your own color scheme, graphics, and provide multiple designs from which to choose your final solution. You may also want to carry over an existing design from another appliance while taking advantage of the latest capabilities in NPI design practices and graphical printing.

Often times throughout the process, multiple things are subject to change at once, but rest assured our entire team is always communicating with each other to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Our design and engineering teams work closely together throughout this process to ensure your final product looks and functions the way you want it to. We also work hard to meet your time and budget goals.


We specialize in providing your custom-branded server appliance with the look you want while striking the right balance with other factors like engineering, cost, and completion time. We also like thinking outside of the box when making a statement with our branded servers and documentation. The following is not an exhaustive list by any means, just some ideas to help you get started.

For example, a Backlit bezel glowing prominently in a server room will certainly get attention. A brightly colored appliance with a giant logo in full-color across the top is another example. An image plastered on your server can also elicit strong emotions in your customers. Additionally, we can cover a bezel on a branded box with a full-color applique or paint the bezel and add a silk-screened logo.

Our services for helping you achieve your branding goals include a custom bezel, which can be made of standard sheet metal, extruded aluminum, or molded plastic are available. If modifying an existing bezel will not work for you, we offer custom options using paint, anodization, and powder, depending on the bezel material.  We can also brand the top of the server of appliance if you choose. This is typically done in non-rack environments.

Additional branding options include placing applique labels to the top of the server and skin labels to the front bezel. Backlit and hydro-dipped bezels are also options for customizing your servers. Furthermore, we offer customization for other server components such as frames, racks, shipping cartons, and crates.


Branding can add appeal and professionalism to any product when it’s done right, helping you gain a competitive advantage. Deliver an exciting, impactful experience to your customers with the help of our comprehensive and flexible branding services. Download our Product Branding Datasheet or visit the custom branding services page to learn more.

UNICOM Engineering develops and sells innovative appliances that leverage our industry expertise and technical excellence. Our years of experience designing in different environments, to a variety of standards and regulatory requirements while utilizing industry-leading technology from partners like Intel and Dell Technologies, enables us to find the right fit for your business. Our history of providing appliance technology, products, and services to meet the needs of our customers’ application throughout their entire life-cycle makes UNICOM the trusted systems integration partner of choice for software market leaders. Contact us for more information on how we can help with your entire application deployment process.