UNICOM Engineering: Delivering on Flawless Execution

Apr 29, 2020

UNICOM Engineering: Delivering on Flawless Execution

Many companies find themselves in a position of needing a partner to fill gaps and accelerate growth. Selecting a strategic system integration partner that can augment your business and streamline the process of getting your solutions to market, from design to launch, is crucial. A partnership, like any relationship, requires mutual goals, good communication, and the ability to adapt as your business changes. Understanding your needs for scale, capabilities, and expertise will make the selection criteria clear. Ultimately, your partner must instill confidence that they can produce a final solution that lives up to the promise of your brand.

UNICOM Engineering meets these requirements every day, in every action we perform on behalf of our clients. We set the standard by offering everything from design to manufacturing, regulatory, branding, logistics, support, and more. Our proven methodology, capabilities, and experience ensure that we execute flawlessly to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Here is a peek “behind the scenes” into what it’s like to partner with our world-class team.

The Initial Engagement and Solution Design

The initial engagement starts by meeting with our experienced team of business development and field application engineerings. At this early stage, we listen to your needs and pull from our knowledge of the industry and the latest technology from leaders like Intel and Dell Technologies to develop the best solution to optimize your application. Consideration for essential factors such as lifecycle requirements, cost, performance goals, and compliance with global regulatory standards plays a vital role in this stage. Product branding is taken into account since the final solution must offer a unique out-of-box experience that communicates the distinct qualities of your brand.

Testing Your Solution with a Proof of Concept

Following the initial design phase, a proof of concept is developed to ensure your requirements are fully addressed and that the performance of your application meets the high standards you expect. As these steps are carried out, and we continue ramping toward full-scale production, the UNICOM Engineering team manages the ongoing workflows and tasks needed to ensure the project is completed on time and error-free. All of your solution’s design and manufacturing requirements are logged in our lifecycle management system to record and lock down the critical elements of your solution. Our Global Support team will then begin to align with your needs. This may include field replacement units, advance server replacement, on-site field engineering staff, and forward stocking locations to provide quick product replacement in country around the globe.

System Integration and Manufacturing Controls

Our commitment to quality continues with our integration and manufacturing processes. UNICOM Engineering uses manufacturing control software to ensure that each step of the integration process aligns with exact build requirements. These tools provide control and quality checkpoints to confirm that the expected parts, features, and functionality of the application, bios, and firmware are installed. And that test plans are completed and electronically verified before proceeding to the next step.

Meanwhile, our Sales Operations, Supply Chain, Planning, and Production teams maintain constant communication. These teams are responsible for managing sales forecasts, fulfilling orders, and preparing for future demand so that when orders are placed, we are ready to deliver.

A large server is defined as a resilient server shipped as a pre-integrated/pre-tested system that is housed in one or more full-frame racks and includes a minimum of 32 dedicated input/output slots.

Small data storage products are defined as having three or fewer hard drives, while large data storage products have more than 400 drives.

Reducing Risk with Logistics and Compliance

Following the completed integration and manufacturing phase, it is time to ship your product. Our skilled logistics and compliance team offers a program to support your worldwide business initiatives. We follow strict procedures to ensure each shipment meets all carrier and trade compliance requirements, including denied party screenings and the completion of all required paperwork for international shipments. All of this is done with the ultimate goal of reducing your risk while ensuring your solution makes it to the final destination without delay.

Global Support to Manage Your Business and Ensure a Great Customer Experience

Our partnership is far from over once your product is out the door and in our customers’ hands. Our extensive global support program is vital to keeping your solutions up and running, and your customers fully satisfied. Whether you require technical support services or even reverse logistics for refurbishment and use in the proof of concept programs, we have you covered. We can even take first call as we work to find the correct path to resolution. Our highly trained support staff prioritizes, logs, and monitors inquiries to ensure a timely resolution.

Additionally, you have access to the UNICOM Engineering portal, a vital tool that provides the visibility necessary to manage your business. Within the portal, you can review forecasts, manufacturing build statuses, inventory levels, orders, shipments, operational reports, and technical support ticket statuses. This all-in-one tool gives you the intelligence you need to effectively manage your business with the peace of mind that can only come from full visibility.

A Partnership for Success with UNICOM Engineering

Your innovative solution requires a steadfast commitment to quality from start to finish. UNICOM Engineering delivers just that, from design to delivery, and each step in-between, our team is on the same page working towards the same goal of streamlining the delivery of your solution. Throughout the process, we shorten time to market and time to revenue, while you maintain focus on innovation and market share. Check out the new UNICOM Engineering Flawless Execution video to learn more. If you are ready to start the conversation of how we can increase your solution’s success, contact us today.