UNICOM Engineering Explains Intel Acquisition of Altera

Jul 10, 2015

2015-07-10 Intel.jpgThe fast-evolving world of the Internet of Things requires a chip that can keep up with the demand for data transfer and analytics. That’s why Intel, one of the world’s leading processor manufacturers, has confirmed its acquisition of chip manufacturer Altera, an exciting merger that will bring speed and efficiency into the world of information technology.

What is the Internet of Things?

The concept of the Internet of Things allows for data transfers among objects, animals or even people, without the need for human or computer interaction. The objects are fitted with chips that make data transfer and speed easy to maintain. The IoT market is growing in its competitiveness, as IT companies strive to come up with better ways to facilitate the transfer and analysis of data. This is where Intel’s most recent acquisition plays a vital role.

What Does Altera Do?

Altera is one of the most well-known chip manufacturers in Silicon Valley, creating programmable chips for everything from Cisco systems to Intel processors. Its long-standing reputation leads the pack in quality, speed and performance in programmable chip technology.

The company is one of the leading manufacturers of field-programmable gate array chips, also known as FPGA. These highly programmable chips allow special tasks to be programmed into the chip’s body, making them easier and faster to upgrade, reprogram or reconfigure. Used primarily in phone and data centers, these chips can potentially be used to program any number of specific, specialized tasks into many types of electronics, paving the way for Intel’s expansion into the Internet of Things market. In other words, processors with FPGA chips are much faster, have low latency and are more power-efficient than ordinary processors.

Intel and Altera: A Beneficial Partnership

Intel and Altera have been working together for many years, creating technology together that has stood the test of time. This merger comes at a critical time for Intel, whose move into the Internet of Things market demands a chip whose algorithms can be reprogrammed as fast as the technology parameters evolve. As a new member of the Intel family, Altera will not just be a manufacturing partner, but rather a vital component of the Intel family.

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