Unleash the Power of Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G With UNICOM Engineering

Dec 21, 2018

Unleash Power Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G With UNICOM

Keeping up with the pace of digital transformation can sometimes be a real challenge in today’s ever-evolving business world. As digital demands change across industries, so must the technology and deployment models of the appliance that supports these solutions. Building on an optimized, trusted platform is absolutely essential in order to maximize the value of your resources and successfully deliver solutions to your customers.

Security, scalability, and high-performance are the top qualities sought after in modern appliances with the added benefits of maximum flexibility, efficiency, and automation. Appliances may now be virtualized, converged, hyper-converged, software-defined, or in a hybrid cloud. Environments range from the edge to the core, and everywhere in between. As a result, the 14th generation Dell EMC PowerEdge servers were carefully designed to transform your solutions to handle the diversity of modern workloads.

Let’s take a look at how building on Dell EMC with UNICOM Engineering can provide a significant competitive advantage.

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G Accelerates Digital Transformation

As enterprises move forward, balancing between everyday efficiency and future-thinking projects, they rely heavily on what makes their business thrive: their solutions. Servers are still the foundation of their data center and the heart of a flexible yet powerful infrastructure. This relentless pace of growth and development has resulted in emerging workloads that have grown in scale and scope. The large workloads are driving the latest system requirements and features that advance the latest technologies.

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers enable business innovation through trusted solutions that are built to deliver compute capabilities that optimally enhance emerging workloads. Built on Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the PowerEdge portfolio offers flexibility, performance, and security features for today’s modern ecosystem. The servers contain increased memory speeds, faster NVMe storage options, FPGAs, and 1-click BIOS tuning, all of which continue to offer a scalable business architecture and intelligent automation with iDRAC and Open Manage Enterprise management support.

Delivering your solution on Dell EMC PowerEdge requires all of the functionality as described above but also a strong focus on security. This continues to be a top concern, and Dell EMC delivers with integrated cyber resilient architecture. Features like System Lockdown entrusts that system configurations will be safeguarded from malicious or unintended changes, and additionally provide alerts to any attempted system changes.

Why Build on Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G with UNICOM Engineering?

Dell EMC is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The scalable, streamlined, and secure 14G PowerEdge portfolio enables next-gen solutions to remain relevant now and into the future. As a Dell EMC Titanium OEM partner, we have been working together for over a decade solving problems and delivering solutions on behalf of our mutual customers. Relationships are in our DNA and fundamental to our ability to drive your success.

As a strategic OEM integration and application deployment partner, we understand how challenging it can be to develop the most competitive solution as quickly as possible while maximizing revenue. That’s why we help you streamline the process of getting your solution to market by offering scalable and reliable hardware you can trust along with a suite of services, including design engineering, system integration, logistics, regulatory and trade compliance, and support.

When you work with UNICOM Engineering, we become an extension of your team, listening to your needs and protecting your brand with every system that leaves our dock. Our agile team is committed to making the imaginable possible as we adjust to needs and demands in every phase of our partnership and your business.

Our manufacturing sites in the U.S. & Europe run in tandem, following the same processes and procedures in each location to promote consistency, regardless of where your solutions are ultimately built. You have the power of one team to design, build, ship, and support your business around the globe. UNICOM Engineering has helped organizations ship more than 30,000 Dell EMC-based solutions worldwide every year. Additionally, we maintain 700+ global forward stocking locations to store replacement parts in-country and minimize downtime.

Even small things can have a huge impact on your business. Things like reworking finished goods inventory, extended hours at the close of each quarter, and provisioning at the time of order alleviates the unexpected challenges that may arise. These are the moments where our flexible and nimble team really shines adjusting to the daily demands of your unique business.

Ready to Build Bold?

Whether your solution is focused on data security, storage, IoT, telecom or video surveillance, Dell 14G PowerEdge servers deliver. And, UNICOM Engineering is trained and ready to transform your ideas into reality. Learn more by visiting our website, or contact us today at 972-633-3400 or sales@unicomengineering.com.

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