What’s the Impact of 40GB ATCA Systems?

Apr 29, 2011

Growing 4G wireless and cloud computing demand is putting a strain on telecommunications switching equipment. The need to process streaming packets of HD video and ensure secure access to applications running on remote servers is pushing current  AdvancedTCA with 10Gb fabric connections to its limits. Enter 40Gb ATCA, aka KR4 fabric connections.

What is the Impact of 40GB ATCA Systems?

With more and more consumers utilizing  streaming video on smartphones and the growth of videophone face-to-face communication, network communication facilities demand higher throughput. Increased consumer demand for mobile services available through 4G wireless networks cannot be met with 10Gb ATCA systems. The introduction of 40Gb ATCA allows growth of data intensive mobile applications utilizing next generation telecommunications hardware.

Cloud computing requires secure transmission of large amounts of data. The 40Gb ATCA technology provides the high data rates necessary to provide security for cloud platforms. The increased bandwidth also provides reduced latency necessary for customer satisfaction.

Where it’s going

By providing the bandwidth necessary to handle the demands of 4G and cloud utilization, 40Gb ATCA makes these platforms practical. The advantages of both platforms will likely see growth in both and increased blending between them. In other words, increased utilization of cloud computing through 4G mobile devices. The availability of 40Gb ATCA will make the need for 40Gb ATCA even more acute.

How to act

Interested in utilizing 40Gb ATCA technology in your network? ATCA chassis have been available for some time, and new blades are being introduced for a variety of applications in the coming months. Contact NEI to learn more.