Why a Value-Added Systems Integrator Makes Sense for Your Business

Mar 30, 2017


When software and solution providers consider bringing their product to market as a server appliance, they have options to consider on the type of partner that best fits their needs. For very high volumes and a truly unique look they may consider a contract manufacturer. However, unless the volumes are high the experience will be similar to a small fish in a very big pond with high costs to sustain and change programs once they start. Others may consider a large distributor for tier one product but will likely become unhappy with their focus and ability to truly meet their needs on a global scale through one team. Instead, consider what a value-added system integrator like UNICOM Engineering brings to the relationship.

UNICOM Engineering not only provides customizable solutions with lower barriers to entry, but our team is flexible and nimble  able to adjust to business needs and demands in every phase of the relationship, from product design to post-launch. Offering hardware lifecycle management, global post-sale support, and other enhanced services UNICOM Engineering provides your business with the care and attention your solution needs without all the up-front risk. Our single focus on OEM ensures that the entire organization is aligned to provide the same level of service and support regardless of where your solution is built globally. Let’s dive a little deeper.

Design and Engineering Expertise

From the onset of the relationship, UNICOM Engineering functions as a consultant explaining the system integration process, listening to your needs and protecting your interest as we work together to handle all aspects of your final solution. Our team assists with the front-end appliance and platform design to maximize performance and control costs, while always carefully considering lifecycle management as a component of success. With an extensive engineering team and a long history in the industries we serve, we have learned lessons and developed best practices along the way that ensure efficiency and reduce costs. During the design phase, UNICOM Engineering also makes sure to address all regulatory and certification requirements for every intended country of export to reduce risk and delays further down the road.

UNICOM Engineering has OEM relationships with leading technology providers like Intel, HPE and Dell EMC and leverages both roadmap and custom products to develop best of breed solutions that meet your specific needs without over or under delivering. If changes need to be made, we are nimble and responsive to ensure that it does not affect our ability to deliver. You get the benefit of our extensive industry knowledge and experience without being shackled to an agreement where you shoulder most or all the risk.

Lower Barriers to Entry with Flexible Inventory Options

Working with a value-added system integrator means manageable unit thresholds to secure components and manage costs. There are no minimum purchase commitments, no expensive upfront costs, and no long-term commitment required as you are not biding time to break even on your investment.

With UNICOM Engineering, you get flexible contracts without absurdly high minimum order volumes. If your forecasts were a bit over-ambitious, we have been able to secure return to manufacturer agreements on behalf of our clients. Since we typically design with trusted components from leading technology companies like Intel, HPE and Dell EMC; we can easily procure additional components when your demand exceeds supply.

Additionally, UNICOM Engineering leverages its buying power and reputation to help secure components at a lower cost per unit as we are buying across our customer base and not just procuring components for each build. The tested and validated components that we typically use are readily accessible. All these factors mean that inventory does not have to be a gating factor for our partnerships.


What could focus provide to your business? It means the ability to innovate without being bogged down with non-core functions. How about an entire team focused on achieving the same goal and all functions aligned to ensure success? When you work with a value-added systems integrator that focuses solely on OEM business you get just that  success. The benefits include things like a single contract, access to the same products at each integration facility, consistent processes and comprehensive support from a single team around the globe. UNICOM Engineering is an expert at what we do, from design to delivery, and each step in-between our team is on the same page working towards the same goal of streamlining the application deployment process. Ultimately, throughout the process we shorten time to market and, more importantly, we shorten time to revenue.

Value-Add Systems Integrator Services

In addition to helping you design and build your solution, we at UNICOM Engineering go out of our way to increase your solution’s odds of market success. These services include:

  • Locked-down Bill of Materials (BOMs) as a control mechanism to ensure predictable, repeatable results
  • Custom branding to produce a unique look at a fraction of the cost of fully custom solutions
  • The ability to utilize multiple manufacturing and support centers globally
  • Full lifecycle management capability, including revision control to firmware and component revision on every product produced
  • Global shipping and logistics, including forward-stocking for easy service or replacement
  • Global support for your entire solution, including integrated third party components

UNICOM Engineering offers these services because we have a singular focus on helping our partners bring their solutions to market efficiently, while reducing their risks and increasing their chances of end-user satisfaction. If these services sound like something that can help your solution succeed, learn more by visiting our services page or contact us today to get started.

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