Dell’s immersion cooling partnership with Submer and UNICOM Engineering

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Enabling the adoption of immersion cooling worldwide.

Barcelona, Spain, May 21, 2024 – A strategic immersion cooling partnership between Dell Technologies, Submer, and UNICOM Engineering is broadening the immersion cooling catalogue and expanding compute accessibility as a result. Leveraging this collective expertise, UNICOM Engineering immersion-ready servers based on Dell and powered by Intel and NVIDIA are now on the market, unlocking new levels of datacenter performance and efficiency.

Advantages of immersion cooling technology In today’s computing landscape, the power demands of CPUs are reaching 200-400W and GPUs are moving to 1000-1200W. This, along with the rising thermal demands of DIMMs, FPGAs, and other components, means traditional air-cooling methods are no longer adequate.

Immersion cooling emerges as the optimal solution, offering the most competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while aligning with sustainability objectives. Among its key benefits are the comprehensive cooling of 100% of the IT components, high densities within a compact space, and an infrastructure that will outlast several IT generations.

“We’re excited about this key partnership as it enables customers to deploy, with peace of mind, a wide variety of immersion-ready solutions from Dell and tap into the unprecedented TCO and sustainability benefits of immersion cooling.” Daniel Pope, Founder & CTO at Submer.

Immersion-ready servers Dell Technologies servers are renowned for their reliability, performance, and scalability. UNICOM Engineering, as an OEM integration partner, brings demonstrated expertise in liquid cooling and extensive ecosystem relationships. Leveraging its comprehensive design and validation services, mechanical, fluid material compatibility, and interoperability were a priority.

The servers to come from this partnership are optimized for immersion cooling and designed to support dynamic compute-at-scale in a dense form factor. They’ve undergone complete conversion and testing in fluid for ready-to-deploy delivery. The UNICOM Engineering Servers based on Dell Technologies and powered by Intel and NVIDIA currently on the market are:

  • C6520-IR, C6620-IR

  • R650-IR, R660-IR

  • R750-IR, R750XA-IR

  • R760-IR, R760XA-IR

  • XE9680-IR

“This partnership is harnessing the power of trusted Dell PowerEdge products, UNICOM Engineering’s extensive server design and integration expertise, and Submer’s high-efficiency and sustainable technology to pioneer immersion-cooled solutions in the market.” Charles ‘Rusty’ Cone, General Manager at UNICOM Engineering.

Through the collaborative efforts of global OEM leader Dell Technologies, immersion cooling pioneer Submer, and immersion-ready engineering from UNICOM Engineering, a diverse array of immersion-ready components is being established. This initiative aims to facilitate the widespread adoption of immersion cooling technology on a global scale and subsequently move datacenters towards enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

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