A letter to Customers and Partners

Dear Valued Customer, (Technology Partner or Supplier Partner):

Corry Hong, founder, president and CEO of UNICOM Global

UNICOM® Global, a global information technology company, is pleased to announce that UNICOM Systems, Inc. has acquired various assets, properties, rights and interests from Acentia, LLC, a Maryland limited liability corporation, and from ITSolutions Net, Inc., a Delaware corporation. As part of the Transaction, the parties also executed a Transition Services Agreement whereby certain transition services will be provided to and on behalf of UNICOM to allow for a smooth and seamless transition for all parties involved.  

The transaction, including acquiring significant experience and a broad wealth of Professional Services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, expands and builds on UNICOM’s strategic IT capabilities and offerings which will benefit UNICOM customers, technology partners and supply-chain partners. UNICOM continues to grow through  leadership, capital, and its global presence thereby strengthening existing relationships with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 commercial customers, as well as with ISV and OEM strategic partners, the U.S. Federal Government, State, Local and Municipal government entities and with key healthcare providers.

In addition to the impressive depth of technical talent, we are also excited to introduce you to UNICOM Capital, a financial services arm of UNICOM Global. UNICOM Global’s depth of experience in M&A has built an array of services to augment your business, including equipment financing, floor plan financing and corporate financial services. UNICOM Capital offers global business strategies, management independence, integration planning and implementation, and privatization options. Please be assured that as synergies in markets and capabilities arise, we will continue to announce such additional offerings and how we may help you meet the challenges of your business. 

We value our relationships with our partners, and we assure each of you that great care will be taken to ensure this transition is a smooth one.  Again, welcome to the UNICOM Global family.


/s/ Corry Hong                 

Corry Hong President & CEO

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UNICOM Global consists of more than fifty (50) corporate entities encompassing a wide range of businesses across all geographic regions. With its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, to offices in Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia, throughout EMEA in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and the UAE, and across Asia/Pacific with locations in Japan, China, India, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines.

UNICOM Global offers deep in-house resources and flexible IT solutions to our partners worldwide. UNICOM Global focuses on acquiring and integrating mature and growing mid-cap NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange AIM and German publically-traded companies in technology, financing, IT, real estate, and business services. Please visit our websites for additional information about the services, products and solutions that UNICOM Global offers:

UNICOM Global - Assets, capital and investment management
UNICOM Systems - IBM Mainframe software products
UNICOM Government (formerly NASDAQ: GTSI) - Government IT solutions
UNICOM Engineering (formerly NASDAQ: NEI) Appliance platform
UNICOM Science and Technology Parks
UNICOM Technology Park – Innovation Labs in Virginia
UNICOM Science and Technology Park – Innovation Labs in New Jersey
UNICOM Capital - Business and Financial Services
USRobotics - Data communications products
Memeo - Enterprise-grade Secure File Sharing for the Cloud
Firetide - Wireless technology solutions for security and transportation
DETEC - Document composition products
SoftLanding Systems - IBM i software products
Macro 4 (formerly LONDON: MAO) - Document Management products
illustro - z/OS and z/VSE software products
iET Solutions - ITIL® ITSM software products
Eden - Mergers & Acquisitions, Business & Financial Services, and Real Estate
CICS.com - Hardware, Software, Outsourcing and Professional Services

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