Memeo® Announces VeroFiles™ Cloud Storage Solution

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Revolutionary Software from a Division of Enterprise Software Provider UNICOM® Global Disrupts the Existing Cloud Storage Market

Campbell, CA - July 4, 2016 - Memeo, a Division of UNICOM Global, has chosen the U.S. holiday, Independence Day, to announce “independence” from the hazards and issues with existing cloud storage solutions. Today’s announcement of VeroFiles™, a revolution in Cloud Storage choices for enterprise and government customers, signals a new day for customers who want to use the cloud to share files throughout their organization, but can’t tolerate the restrictions and exposures existing solutions offer.

Vero means “in truth, indeed, to be sure” in Latin, and the new software solution from Memeo, a Silicon Valley based provider of storage solutions acquired by enterprise software leader UNICOM Global in 2014, is a revolutionary approach to providing cloud file storage for customers. With VeroFiles, all files reside only in the cloud, the “true” location for mission critical data, rather than constantly synchronizing files on user devices, and consuming precious disk space.

“When we purchased Memeo in 2014, we immediately pivoted the development of the team to focus on enterprise and government customers, our sweet spot,” said Corry Hong, founder, president and CEO of UNICOM Global. “VeroFiles is the culmination of that work--innovative R&D which delivers unlimited cloud file storage using normal file access. VeroFiles leads the way in the industry for secure, protected cloud storage, due to our unique architecture which ensures we never have a user’s key to decrypt their data. Our 35-year heritage in providing software solutions to large-scale enterprises and federal, state and local government organizations demanded that we redefine this product space, and we are very excited about the announcement. Happy Independence Day!”

VeroFiles’ new approach to cloud file storage ensures all files are stored only in the cloud, so users never have to guess if the most recent version is on their local hard disk. This provides unlimited access to files, which is a more realistic approach for large scale companies. The unique technology in VeroFiles doesn’t modify or alter the operating system kernel, keeping a user’s system secure and under their full control.

VeroFiles is the culmination of UNICOM’s new focus introduced after the Memeo acquisition to meet the needs of the Fortune 100 and Global 2000 and government customers UNICOM has been serving since 1981. Beta availability for VeroFiles is scheduled for late 3rd quarter of 2016. More information, including an application for beta access can be found at

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