TMGcore and UNICOM Engineering Announce Intel Innovation Award

TMGcore and UNICOM Engineering receive the Intel Datacenter Solutions Group Partner Award 2020 for Outstanding Innovation.


PLANO, Texas, Jan. 19, 2021  - TMGcore and UNICOM Engineering announce they have received the Intel Datacenter Solutions Group Partner Award 2020 for Outstanding Innovation.


The Outstanding Innovation award is based on UNICOM Engineering's work combining the Intel® Server System S9200WK, formerly Walker Pass, with TMGcore's Two-Phase Immersion Cooling platform, OTTO. The collaboration between TMGcore and UNICOM Engineering has resulted in the creation of a 6,500+ watt HydroBlade to be utilized inside the OTTO data center platform. By utilizing Two-Phase Immersion Cooling and the Intel Server System S9200WK based HydroBlade, end-users can now deploy over 11,500 CPU cores and 120kW of power in less than 70SF.

"TMGcore is honored to partner with two outstanding organizations such as Intel and UNICOM Engineering to commercialize next-generation technology, which is facilitating HPC innovation previously not possible. I congratulate the amazing team at UNICOM Engineering for having been recognized by an organization such as Intel, and I look forward to 2021 and our unveiling of the products at the center of this innovation award." – JD Enright, CEO of TMGcore

"We are thrilled to be recognized by Intel for our collaboration with TMGcore and the resulting outstanding innovation award," said Austin Hipes, Chief Technologist UNICOM Engineering. "This mutual engagement exemplifies the innovation partnerships can offer from speed and agility, to access to new technology and innovative problem-solving. Working with an organization like TMGcore that pushes the boundaries of possibility with their pioneering spirit and groundbreaking solutions is inspiring and pushes us to be at our best as we collaborate to bring these solutions to market. In short, partnerships like this between Intel, TMGcore, and UNICOM Engineering are what drive the next generation of dense, power efficient computing."

About TMGcore

TMGcore is a U.S.-based provider of data center solutions and manufacturer of data center hardware committed to building innovative solutions that solve and mitigate the industry's most pressing challenges. With its flagship solution, OTTO, TMGcore has balanced the demands of data processing while reducing operating costs and environmental impact. Utilizing Two-Phase Immersion Cooling, the data center platform is a tenth of the size of a traditional data center platform, offers zero water waste, and reduces operational costs by an average of 70 percent while reducing the amount of energy used for cooling by 80 percent and redirecting this power toward a productive IT Load. For more information, visit

About UNICOM Engineering

UNICOM Engineering is a leading provider of server-based application platforms, storage solutions, and lifecycle support services for software developers, OEMs, and enterprises worldwide. Through its expertise and comprehensive suite of design engineering, system integration, global logistics, trade compliance, support, and business analytics services, UNICOM Engineering is redefining application deployment solutions to provide customers with a sustainable competitive advantage. More than two decades of appliance innovation and strong technology partnerships make UNICOM Engineering one of the most trusted deployment partners in the industry. Founded in 1997, UNICOM Engineering is headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, with facilities in Plano, Texas, and Galway, Ireland. For more information, visit our website.