ZutaCore enters new wave of expansion - UNICOM partnership and support for NVIDIA GB200

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UNICOM partnership, AI-as-a-service design win, and support for the NVIDIA GB200 Superchip.

All hands are on deck for next week’s Dell Technologies World where ZutaCore® will be showcasing an expanded ecosystem that aims to bring sustainable AI to the masses with its waterless, direct-to-chip liquid cooling technology. Leading up to the show, we made several key announcements:

  • ZutaCore and UNICOM Engineering have formed a strategic OEM agreement to deliver warrantied HyperCooled AI servers globally and at scale. This agreement positions ZutaCore’s Waterless, Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling as “the” premier liquid cooling solution starting with Dell XE9680 Servers with NVIDIA H100 and H200 GPUs.

  • A global Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) provider leader has chosen the ZutaCore-equipped Dell Technologies XE9680 servers as the premier platform to launch its cutting-edge AI services, with in-production deployments starting Q3 2024.

  • ZutaCore now supports the NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip and will be showcasing the industry’s first dielectric cold plates to support this new platform in its booth at Dell Technologies World.

UNICOM Engineering Partnership Brings Sustainable AI to the Masses UNICOM Engineering provides server-based application platforms and lifecycle support services for software technology developers, data center infrastructure, OEMs, and enterprises worldwide, underscoring this collaboration's global reach and impact. This partnership marks a crucial move in embedding ZutaCore’s HyperCool® into leading servers worldwide, starting with Dell Technologies XE9680 with NVIDIA H100 and H200 GPUs, ensuring global enterprise support and warranties for data centers at scale. As Rusty Cone, General Manager at UNICOM stated, “Leveraging UNICOM Engineering’s technical expertise, global footprint, and established relationships with the industry’s leading silicon manufacturers and server OEMs, specifically Dell Technologies, data center clients and partners can be assured the highest standards are being met for the integration of the ZutaCore HyperCool technology, This, along with a full fledge of warranty and uplifted services, globally, will enable the realization of a sustainable AI infrastructure capable of supporting a wide range of applications that require even the most demanding workloads and processing power.” A Single, Monolithic Cold Plate Can Cool 2,800 Watts and Beyond At next week’s Dell Technologies World, ZutaCore will be showcasing the industry’s first dielectric cold plates to support the GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip, featuring an unprecedented ability to cool 120kW of rack power with little or no modifications to current real estate, power, or cooling systems. With over 400 billion transistors, the Grace Blackwell superchip features two NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs, an NVIDIA Grace CPU, and two I/O chips. A single ZutaCore HyperCool dielectric cold plate will sit directly on top of this superchip, taking up very little space while providing significant cooling capabilities. In a typical GB200 2RU (featuring two 2 x NVIDIA GB200 modules of 2,800 watts each) a single, monolithic ZutaCore cold plate can deliver 2,800 watts of cooling. The monolithic cold plate ensures a simple design with only one input and one output, which reduces the potential points of failure to deliver a higher level of reliability. The module is also equipped with OCP-compliant blind mate connectors that support 5,600kW. According to Mark Nossokoff, Research Director for Hyperion Research, “The next generation of high-performance GPUs, such as NVIDIA’s GB200, that are required to meet the demanding needs of AI model training will generate a significant amount of heat, making efficient cooling solutions crucial for optimal system performance and sustainable operation. Innovative cooling solutions such as ZutaCore’s HyperCool waterless, direct-to-chip liquid cooling approach that eliminates the need for water in the cooling process, aim to optimize performance, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce operation costs associated with running the most advanced AI computing systems.” Come See us at Dell Technologies World 2024 Not only will we be showcasing the GB200 Grace Blackwell dielectric cold plates, but we’ll also have a Dell Technologies XE9680 server retrofitted with ZutaCore HyperCool. Sign up to meet with us at booth #321 and receive a show exclusive ZUAI t-shirt (only available at DTW24).

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