A-3000 Communications Platform

Highly Available, Next-Generation ATCA Enterprise Data Center & Communications Platform

UNICOM Engineering’s A-3000 is a robust 3U 2-slot 19” enterprise data center and carrier-grade AdvandedTCA (ATCA) communications platform. It features a standards-based, open architecture designed for secure, high-throughput central office and enterprise applications, including IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) subsystems and 4G wireless applications. Fully integrated with chassis, cooling, power distribution and shelf management, the A-3000’s low profile makes it optimal for distributed control plane functions, low-density subscriber areas, edge networking and routing, as well as host of other specialized applications. It can also host single board computers and blades currently running in other ATCA platforms and reduce solution footprint.


ExpansionTwo (2) slots for 8U ATCA blades | Two (2) slots for 8U RTMs | Two (2) User Cards slots

FabricDual star base channel routing, base channels are connected to Base Hubs implemented on the ShMB

PowerDual redundant AC PSUs or DC PEMs are installed from the front and independently hot-swappable

CoolingFault-tolerant, front-to-rear cooling designed to support CP-TA B.4 thermal capability appropriate cooling to active ATCA boards and are part of the thermal management scheme

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A-3000 – Enterprise Data Center & ACTA Platform

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